How to Calm Down an Irritating Child

It was a very pleasant day all the kids were busy in enjoying, playing, finger painting, running, shouting but one child was sitting alone wrapping his hands round his neck , showing no concern with his fellows, no sign of pleasure on his face. On the moment his daddy asked him to mix up with the playing friends but he started screaming and got irritated with frustrating attitude.

Look is it going on with you? Do you feel unable to calm down your irritating child? Are your children react in a normal way and respond normally. Whether you are confronting with a problematic child, stay here and see if following lines give you relief to get rid of unhealthy situation.


Hypersensitivity: Some children are too sensitive, adopt strange habits like nose picking ,nail biting etc., to keep themselves busy in some sort of activity. The process does not end here and in no time they get excited and start pushing and quarreling with   other children. They develop resistance to listen to you  rather react  aggressively and create unpleasing atmosphere. Try to distract them from the spot instead of giving lecture to discipline them which of course is  necessary but better to defer it at moment and make out efforts to understand them in a friendly manner.

Stay Calm: When you face a situation full of crises in your daily business activities, what  you do  as a prudent trader ? Certainly getting harsher will not solve the problem but  focusing attention on the issues, will lead  to  resolve the  problems. Similarly when you are facing challenges due to unhealthy attitude of your child,  remain calm which  is splendid ability and  paves way to settle the obstructions. Stop an un- ending and hard fight with  your child all the time. Try to understand If you remain calm you will win half the battle. Avoid getting ignited over the provoking situations,  this would be similar to  throwing water on the rising flames and will prove beneficial.

Voice Of Brain: When you do not listen to the voice of your logical brain and get emotional, you become reactant. With your frustration and helplessness you  invite the anger  to play the entire game. Remember do not run from the scene and use a mild tone with your child instead of  sharp tongue,   to handle him effectively.

Disrespectful Child: It becomes  difficult to handle your kid if he has become disrespectful towards you and replies you in the same coin. Take him as a sick child who blames you for your parenting short comings due to his anger. You should not react in the same way rather try to convince him that you will give more considerations towards his demands in future and try to console him in a sympathetic and loving way.             

Indecent Child Behavior: You should not go on blaming your child if his  behavior towards others is unacceptable. Better guide him  and tell him the consequences of his attitude towards others. Getting annoyed is not a remedy, he is a  kid and is  learning through his own experiences. You should try to mould him in  a  pleasing manner,  to bring him  on the right track and persuade him for a better attitude.

You are not to inculcate a bad habit in him but  do not get mad on his reactions.


Understand Your-Self  : Note down  your own deficiencies, sometimes your child triggers your own feelings  which you go on hiding. You are responsible to improve your  shortcomings  rather blaming your child.

Stop Worrying and Be Positive: When you remain  worried, it casts a negative impact on your child. He becomes more nervous and anxious.  You should be positive, come out of your faulty imaginations, take  positive steps to overcome the real problems of your child. Be positive, focus on performing your role as father, your child, also learn a lot,  from your actions, patience, determination and confidence.

Go Down to Your Child Level: Try to reduce the distance between you and your child. May be, he is irritated when you give more love to another child. Sit with him and create an atmosphere of friendship  and try to discuss with him, at his mental level, at his  perspectives to make your child normal.

These submissions may go a long way, to help you out, in redressing the abnormalities of your child.