Chalk School: Shapes Review


Do you have a child who is learning their shapes?  If so, you should definitely check out the new Chalk School: Shapes app.  With Chalk School: Shapes, children will learn to recognize 16 different types of shapes with guided pronunciations.  This app is the third installment of Chalk School apps, the other apps available are Chalk School: Alphabet Order and Chalk School: Number Order.  I thought that this app had a simple and effective design, which is great for younger children.

The Chalk School: Shapes app is a learning game that utilizes hand-drawn shapes on a chalkboard.  This game has a simple design – children will drag the shapes to the correct locations on the chalkboard.  At the top of the chalkboard are outlines, kids will need to drag the shapes from the chalk tray up to the correct outline for a match.  Each play the shapes are randomly generated so that the shape combinations and positions are never the same twice in a row (kids cannot memorize, but will need to figure out a new set each time).  This app is great for both improving cognition as well as hand-eye coordination.  I like how younger children can use the “Color Assist” feature for help.  With Color Assist, the outlines of the pieces turn red or green to help the child find the correct location on the chalkboard (this feature can be turned on/off).  There is also a help button to use if your child gets stuck on a certain shape, by pushing the help button the correct placement is highlighted for two seconds.  When children place each shape, they will hear the name of the shape.  I really like how there are guided audio pronunciations of each shape to help children learn all the names.  As I mentioned before, this app includes 16 different types of shapes.  I appreciate the variety of shapes as many apps just feature a few (4 or 5 basic shapes), but not the lesser known/used shapes.

I liked the Chalk School: Shapes app.  I think that children could definitely learn their shapes and shape names by using this app.  I would recommend this app to parents of younger children who are learning their shapes.  I thought that the “drag-and-drop” method of matching up the shapes was perfect for young children.  I will definitely be using this app with my son.

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.