Cheap (But Super Fun) Mother-Daughter Date Ideas

There’s lots of ways to have a great time with your daughter without making your piggy bank weep and weep. Check out a few cheap-yet-totally-fun mother-daughter “date” ideas:

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Mall Makeovers

Visit the makeup counters at your local department store together and have fun getting free makeovers. The people who work at such counters are always ready to teach makeup tricks to customers, and usually give out free samples. Get facials, makeup, and nails done for free before treating yourselves to ice cream or another sweet treat.

Dance Party/Lip Sync Battle

Use Wii Dance if you have it, or just throw a regular ‘ol dance party! Put on a playlist of favorite dance-able tunes and get your daughter and any other family and friends to participate. Dance parties frequently equal hours of laughter and fun, especially when numerous family and friends are involved.. Another option is to organize a lip sync battle similar to the ones seen on the cable series of the same name. Have your daughter’s friends over, provide props and costumes if able/desired, and enjoy watching everyone lip sync the night away.

Book Readin’

Read a book out loud together. If your daughter is older, consider reading the same book and then discussing it. Think of it as your own little book club–have tea and scones (or any other pastries and drinks you like) when you get together to talk about the book.


Take a class together, such as yoga, sewing, pottery, dance, etc. Do a little research to find the free and inexpensive options in your area, including those at local community centers and gyms. Find one-hour options or classes that last a month or more depending on your interests.

Girls’ Night In

Stay in one night to watch favorite movies and enjoy favorite snacks. Make it a “theme” movie night, such as romantic comedy, action, sci-fi or fantasy, etc., and create a food spread that includes movie-watching staples such as popcorn and candy. Purchase or make treats you normally never keep in the house to make the night extra special and fun.


Make a meal together! Pick some new recipes or make favorite comfort foods. Either way, you’ll end up with a delicious meal. Go the extra step and use fancy china and centerpieces when setting the table. If sharing your food with the rest of the family, have them clean up!

What are your favorite frugal mother-daughter date ideas?