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Review Summary:

Connect-O-Dot is a fun app with lots of great pictures that teaches children their numbers and letters in a variety of fun connect-the-dots games. Great for children of all ages.

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Connect-O-Dot is a great educational and entertaining app that children will love. With some unique twists to the traditional connect-the-dots game, this app helps children practice their numbers and alphabet while connecting the dots to reveal fun animals and shapes. Great for practicing hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills this app has a lot to offer young children.

Features include:

  • 8 Themes
  • 3 Difficulty levels
  • Alphabet & Number recognition


There is no doubt a lot of time and thought went into this app as the images and illustrations are very well done. With 8 themes to explore and a wide variety of animals an shapes to explore, children are going to really enjoy playing in this app. The added sound effects, realistic backgrounds and music add to the overall experience making it one of the higher quality apps I have seen. And when you add to that the very intuitive user interface, Connect-O-Dot is the perfect app for children of all ages.


I love how the developers were able to add some educational value in what can traditionally be more of an entertaining type of activity. In addition to learning how to connect the dots via numbers, children also have an option of connecting the dots with upper and lower case letters. Once the picture is complete an illustration of the picture is revealed along with the actual word describing the image. This allows children to start putting words and pictures together as they move through the app.

One thing that would add a bit more value to this app is having a narrator read the word as it pops up. This would further help little ones make the connection between the word and the picture to help support their reading skills down the road. With that said, the app still has quite a bit of educational value that parents will appreciate.


In addition to the fun shapes children get to create with their connect the dots skills, there are also three levels of difficulty to choose from to challenge players even more. This added challenge can be a ton of fun for children as they move through the various pictures and themes included. Children are also going to love the fact that there are 8 different themes ranging from sea creatures to fantasy shapes that they can explore and enjoy.


Priced at just under two dollars this app is priced very well. Parents will certainly appreciate the educational value along with the engaging activities that children will love. With lots of variety in the shapes and difficulty levels, this is one app children will get a lot of playing time out of.

Child Friendliness

Connect-O-Dot is easy to use and safe for kids too. The developers have created a user interface that is very intuitive and doesn’t require any instructions to get started which is great for young children. I also love how they worked in the parent’s section without being too flashy or distracting for children. Overall a very child friendly app!

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Connect-O-Dot is a fun app with lots of great pictures that teaches children their numbers and letters in a variety of fun connect-the-dots games. Great for children of all ages.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars