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A musical e-book with a professional narration and great illustrations that will have your little one singing the catchy tune ” I Love Mud”.

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Available on the App Store

I Love Mud is a musical digital book that tells the story of little Teddy and Honey’s love of mud. This app is full of catchy music that little ones will enjoy, as well as a few interactive pieces to keep them engaged. Children can help Uncle Wooly identify toys in the bath, make some mud to play in, and build a mud bear as they enjoy this musical storybook. The end of the app also offers a western style lullaby sung by Uncle Wooly.

Features include:

  • Catchy music
  • Interactive activities
  • Text highlighting
  • Narration throughout

This storybook app has good music, professional narration, and overall audio to go with the cute illustrations. There are a few brief activities within the story that are meant to engage and entertain little ones as they move through the story and listen to the catchy music throughout.

There is no doubt the illustrations, music, and narration are all done very well, but it seems to be missing some connectivity throughout. As children move through the story the interactive pieces are not incorporated as smoothly as they could be and while they do go along with the story, it seems that they might be better utilized as an added option as opposed to using them in the story.

There is also a bit lacking in the set-up. Within the story there is only a pause button and there are no navigation options at all so upon opening the app, children are only able to play the entire story through and play the activities as they occur within the story.

I Love Mud is more of an entertainment app, but with the narration and text highlighting there is the opportunity for children to work on their reading skills as they sing and read along. There is also an animal identification game after the lullaby at the end of the app that helps children with animal recognition.

This musical e-book is definitely more of an entertainment app than anything else. It has music to sing along with, a few interactive components to help engage children, as well as a sweet lullaby at the end of the app to keep children interested.

The interactive components of this app are simple enough for young children, but they could be incorporated in a better way. Adding them as an alternative piece to the story would allow the story to flow a little better in addition to having an option that allows children to navigate straight to the activities without having to listen through the story again.

The music, illustrations, and narration in this app are the best parts of the app by far and while I think they are all very good, I am not sure they are enough to make this app a great value. The songs are very catchy and children will definitely enjoy the musical story, but the interactive pieces could use some improvement.

When you consider that this app is up against other e-books with animation and various narration options, it is hard to imagine paying just a dollar less than what those other apps are going for. This could definitely be improved with some added navigation and other activities.

It is always great to find apps for kids that don’t have in app purchase links or access to social media sites and I Love Mud is one of those apps. Parents can allow their children to enjoy this musical story without being concerned they will end up purchasing other apps etc. The music, illustrations, and story are also great for little ones and the added lullaby at the end of the app is a nice addition that parents can use at bedtime.

The usability of the app is a bit challenging since there isn’t a navagation bar or home button throughout the story. If children want to get to a specific activity or get to the lullaby, they have no way of scrolling through the story since it has to play right through to gain access. This can be frustrating for some children if they enjoy a particular part of the app and want to access it over and over again. Adding a bit more navigation would help in this regard.

Available on the App Store