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Curious George Coloring Pages to Stimulate Kids’ Fine Motor Skills

Free Curious George Coloring Pages

Coloring pages can be a great activity for kids. It stimulates kids’ fine motor skills. This is why early education recommends this activity for kids under 5 years old.  There are books that provide the coloring activity for kids along with other activities such as simple math, line tracing and follow the maze. There are a lot of characters in these activity books, usually one book consist of one specific character and its friends and activity. For example are the Curious George coloring pages for kids who love this character.

Curious George is a children book written by Margret and H. A. Rey. Appearing from the early 1940’s, this character is an African monkey brought to a big city by The Man with the Yellow Hat. Originally brought to be located in the zoo, George’s intelligence makes The Man with the Yellow Hat brought him to live in his apartment. George’s activity and his curiosity makes the pictures on Curious George coloring pages even more exciting for the kids. After the book, the series are also airing on PBS Kids in a form of animated version.

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Curious George Coloring Pages for Toddler

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You can find it not only on bookstores, the Curious George coloring pages can also be found on the internet. You can download Curious George coloring pages online and print it on your home computer. You may find other characters as well. But if your kid is fond of the Curious George character, his exciting activities can inspire your kid into creativity.

Curious George coloring pages include George doing various activities. Because of his curiosity and intelligence, you may find George experimenting with new things and finding tricks that are smart and helpful for his friends. This can inspire your kids into doing many activities that George does. Almost all the characters in Curious George book are protagonist and living in a positive environment. This may bring positivity to your kids’ point of view.

Getting your kids’ Curious George coloring pages will give your kids a positive activity to waste their time on. Coloring pages when being introduced from early age will develop and stimulate the fine motor skills, color acknowledge, hand coordination and nevertheless, it is a super fun activity that your kids will love. Giving this activity daily might be a good thing to do as routine as long as you initiate it like playing method.

Aside from the Curious George coloring pages and the Curious George games that you can find online, you might also find other characters in this form of activities like Disney’s princesses, Sesame Street puppets and Superheroes like Captain America, Superman and Batman that you can download and give to your kids as daily activities. Remember that you don’t need to provide this kind of activities as task for your kids as for kids under the 5 years old of age still need the stimulation of learning by playing. If you take it to another level of serious learning method, it is worried that the kids will get bored easily and will be harder to get their excitement back.

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Curious George Coloring Pages to Stimulate Kids’ Fine Motor Skills
Written by: Jack Best
Curious George Coloring Pages to Stimulate Kids’ Fine Motor Skills
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Gallery of Curious George Coloring Pages to Stimulate Kids’ Fine Motor Skills

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