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Review Summary:

Cute as Can Bee will appeal to a wide range of users. They will enjoy this special book customized with their own photos.


This bright and cheery rhyming book can be customized using photos of your child to dress them as a bee, kitty, bunny, flower, bear and more. The target audience for this app is kids ages 2-5; older kids and adults will have fun, too. They just might not admit it.

Features include:

  • Ability to customize the book with photos of your child
  • Light interactivity
  • Easy to use interface


Cute as Can Bee includes brief in-app instructions; however, it is not necessary to read them before getting started. The target audience for the app is kids aged 2 to 5. Toddlers will be able to easily use the app as the interface is easy to use for all ages.

Everything about this app is high quality. The narration is warm and friendly, the images are adorable, sounds and music are amusing, making this app one that kids come back to over and over again. Inserting your photos is easy and quick.


Cute as Can Bee is an ebook with a rhyme on each page. Words highlight during narration. Narration can be repeated by touching any word. Unfortunately, there is not an option for muting narration without muting all sound in the app.

Each page of the book contains light interactivity. Some objects can be dragged, others just require a touch. The associated sounds and music are charming.

Use existing photos from your camera roll or use your device’s camera to take new ones for use in the customization of the book. Either way, photos are easy to include, size, and rotate for use. The customized pages contain a button for sharing; email, save to photos or print. The pages are super cute and kids will love being seeing themselves as a bee, kitty, bunny, flower, bear or bird. The special picture frame at the end of the story is just as precious.


Kids are able to repeat this book a number of times. If you customize the app using multiple photos, they will change with each use. Interactivity adds to the entertainment. Touch or drag objects to see what they will do and hear the sounds they will make.


Cute as Can Bee is family-friendly entertainment for young kids at a reasonable price. Little kids love looking at pictures of other kids and will be thrilled to have their photos included.

Some minor differences exist when using this universal app on the iPad vs. smaller screen devices; such as you are able to include eight photos on the iPad and four on smaller devices such as the iPod. I like that you can add more than one photo; a good thing for families with more than one child. It is fun, too, to have your child make different faces to make the pictures a bit silly.

Child Friendliness

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Cute as Can Bee will appeal to a wide range of users. They will enjoy this special book customized with their own photos.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars