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A simple, entertaining app for toddlers with bright colors and fun sounds to keep them engaged.

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D5EN5 Fruits is a unique toddler app full of bright colors, fun sounds, and simple interactive images for little ones to explore and enjoy. With 5 characters, fruits, and a simple activities to play, this simple app is good for keeping children busy and entertained.

Features include:

  • Multi-language options
  • 10 Interactive activities
  • Fun sound effects


D5EN5 Fruits is an app with a simple concept that includes various activities for children to explore. The images are well done with bright colors and interactive components that toddlers will enjoy. The images and activities are also accompanied by sound effects (like giggling, squealing, and crunching sounds) that help to bring the app to life which is also very enjoyable for children.

While the set-up is fairly simple, the execution is a little confusing. At the beginning of the app when the characters are being introduced it isn’t clear whether the words that are shown are the character names or if the app is set in another language. The flow of the app also could be improved a bit. There are 2 activities for each fruit and while there are options to turn to the next activity (and next fruit) on each page it just requires a ‘tap’ instead of a swipe or page turn. Making it a simple arrow would make this more clear. There is also a button located at the top that allows players to move between the 2 activities but doesn’t allow players to move onto the next fruit and without making the the button to turn the page more clear, children could get stuck.


While this isn’t specifically an educational app, it does have a counting activity that will help little ones begin to learn the concept of counting. Adding the names of each fruit or incorporating a bit more in regards to educational activities would certainly help make this app more conducive to early learning.


Each activity that is include is fairly simple to interact with and allows children to tap and explore the various characters and images. The squeals and giggles that are included throughout the app are great and will help keep children engaged as they play. The interactive activities include picking pears, eating watermelon, rocking on a banana with a silly monkey, and creating funny faces with an orange, all of which children will really enjoy.


Priced at just under three dollars this app certainly won’t break the bank. While there isn’t a ton of educational value in this simple app, there are 10 activities for children to explore that will certainly keep them busy.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a nice job making sure this app is safe for children to use. There is a settings area along with a parent’s section with a protected button on the main page. There is also a small icon that shows other apps by the same developer on the main page that is protected as well. These buttons are not accessible within the playing area so once children get past the main page they are fine. While the other apps button is located on the main page and protected it changes pictures fairly quickly and can be distracting to little ones.

One other thing to note is the option to rate the app on the very last page. This button is protected, but it is in the playing area and really should be included with the other parent only areas and not in the area where children will have easy access to it. With that said there are no social media links or in app purchases to be concerned about.

A simple, entertaining app for toddlers with bright colors and fun sounds to keep them engaged.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars