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Who knew making monsters could be so addicting! Dibu, in Dibu’s Monster Maker, is a sweet little boy who loves monsters so much that he has built a machine to make them.

In this easy to use app you can build your own monsters or choose a random one. Regardless, of the method you choose, the monsters are adorable. The app offers over 250 different options for creating your monster; monster bodies, hair, eyes, noses, tops, bottoms, shoes, etc.

Not happy with your creation or ready to create a new one (without saving the previous monster); just press the button to start over. Monsters can be saved to your device photos; and if you choose, can then be shared or printed.

Not only is the app easy to use, but it provides a fun “work environment”. The app uses muted color tones for backgrounds so as not to detract from your creations; accessories use more vivid colors. The music is a great addition and can be turned off if you tire of it.

Dibu’s Monster Maker is a universal app that works well on the smaller devices, too. The app also adjusts to device orientation.

Items for parents to be aware of are the button for more apps on the main screen, the rate this app popup and the print and send buttons. If these items were removed, relocated or protected so kids do not have easy access to them, this would be a five-star app.

Bottom line

Dibu’s Monster Maker is kid-friendly and lots of fun! Beware of buttons that may take the child out of the app or access areas you do not want them, such as e-mail.
Meet Dibu! A little boy with a love of monsters so big he built a machine to make them for you.

Inside Dibu’s Monster Maker are hundreds of monster combinations just waiting to be created. Choose from different monster bodies then dress them up with faces, clothing, hats and horns…basically everything you need to make the perfect monster.

Stumped on what to do next? Use the handy randomize button to create a random monster.

Have you made the perfect monster? Name it and save it to your photo album with the tap of a button.

Big buttons for easy tapping by little fingers and simple button based controls make it easy for everyone to create a monster quickly and easily.

Make monsters in any orientation, Dibu’s Monster Maker will adjust to how you like to use your device.

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