Disney American Presidents Review


The new Disney American Presidents app is the perfect way to get your children interested in United States Presidential history.  This app is very educational, but has a good balance of fun and learning.  I found the app to be very simple to use and incredibly interesting.

As the app begins, kids are led to a seat behind the desk in the Oval Office.  From here, children will be able to flip through the “Unofficial Oval Office Scrapbook” for an up-close and personal interactive history lesson of the American presidency.  This “scrapbook” features many important and even surprising presidential milestones.  Several topics are discussed throughout the lessons – including homesteading, civil rights, and more recent events like bailouts and other current events.  The detailed accounts will take children through history all the way from President Washington to President Obama and all the Presidents in between!

With Disney American Presidents, kids can view more than two hours of hilarious – and historically accurate – presidential profiles.  I thought that all of the information presented was very interesting to know.  The navigation is very kid-friendly, as you are able to navigate by President and by era.  Each President of the United States has their own spread with fun interactive elements that depict their role in history – for example, their key decisions that affected history, notable personal characteristics, their legacy they left behind for America, etc.  Kids will also be able to learn about the different eras in U.S. history and their characteristics – such as music, art, and historical references for each time period.  I really enjoyed the video content on each President’s page, as it really helped to paint a picture of what the world was like at the time and how that President fit into U.S. history.

Also, if your kids were specifically interested in the 2012 election that just occurred…this app explores many of the common themes from the 2012 election season.  I thought this was a nice bonus to have current information for kids to view.  This app definitely makes learning U.S. history fun and accessible for kids!

I really enjoyed the Disney American Presidents app!  I found the app to be extremely interesting and fun to use.  I think that kids would definitely have a great time using this app and would learn a lot in the process.  If you are looking for an app to help teach your kids about U.S. Presidential history – be sure to check out Disney American Presidents!

Price when Reviewed: $3.99

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Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later. This app is designed for iPad.

Seller: Disney

Disclosure: I received a free copy of this app for review purposes.

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