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With a chalkboard background Division for Kids is anything but boring. Division for Kids is a universal app designed for kids in grades 2 through 6; however it can be used by anyone wanting or needing to work on their division skills.

The app is free to download containing limited content; it is intended as a trial only. Additional content can be purchased using an in-app purchase. The in-app purchase can be purchased once and then used on multiple devices, assuming you are using the same iTunes ID on the devices.

Division for Kids has two modes, Practice and Test, 10 levels of difficulty in each mode. The initial, free, download contains two levels in each mode. With the in-app purchase the practice mode has an unlimited number of problems and the test mode contains 10 problems per level.

In the practice mode, the user learns how to do simple division, long division, long division with remainders and important terms such as dividend, divisor, quotient, and remainder. During Test mode the user is quizzed on simple division math problems and is not timed.

Feedback is provided to the user during both modes. In practice mode, the user can try multiple times until the correct answer is entered. A solution button is available if the user needs to see the correct answer. If an incorrect answer is entered during the test mode, the correct answer is provided.

Overall design of the app is intuitive, it contains enough sounds and animation to keep the user interested. The step-by-step instructions and quiz questions are spoken making this a good app for those that may still be learning to read. Other than the in-app purchase and the more apps button, Division for Kids is a safe learning environment as it does not contain social media buttons or an abundance of external links.

Division for Kids does not contain any options or settings. It would be nice to have the option to control the math problems being presented in practice and test modes.

Bottom line

Division for Kids is a simple and easy to use math app for kids in grades 2-6. The in-app purchase may deter some from purchasing the full app.
A fantastic app for kids to learn and practice long division on their own. This app teaches kids simple division and long division with remainders. There are unlimited problems for children to practice and solve. This app is just perfect for kids who are learning division and also wish to test their knowledge of times tables upto 20 by solving division problems.

More details and screenshots at – http://www.internetdesignzone.com/iphone/division/
Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrHvQyl4CVw

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