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Doodle Learning Maths is a creative application that encourages young children to practice basic math skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division as well as addition and subtraction with larger numbers.

Available on the App Store

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Available on the App Store

Doodle Learning Maths will make a wonderful addition to your educational library if your child needs to build speed and skill with computation.

Features include:

  • Multiple levels to challenge students
  • Engaging graphics and sound effects
  • Reset button starts levels over for review or new players
  • Intriguing puzzle format reveals artwork beneath problems
  • Builds speed and mental math skills


Doodle Learning Maths offers fun-filled math practice for children from ages seven through nine. Players get to exercise their creativity by creating background scenes using stickers and drawing effects. Scenes can be saved to the application’s gallery, emailed to a friend, or stored in the device’s picture album. The art effects are simple but fun.

When users choose a math level, problems and answers are printed on a screen that covers the chosen background art. Match the problem to the correct answer, and those pieces of the screen dissolve to reveal those portions of the background picture. The puzzle is timed, allowing one minute for the student to complete between two and at least ten matches.

Doodle Learning Math is a fun and engaging way to practice basic computation. Problems and answers are presented as squares on a grid that must be matched correctly. The game is set up to begin at the simplest levels, then progress quickly to more difficult problems. New levels become available as players succeed. Players must complete all of the matches within the allotted time limit, or the ticking time bomb blows up and damages the background picture.

I really liked the way the program begins with the very simplest concepts in each area, then gradually becomes more difficult as students show success. The gradual revealing of the student’s own artwork is a nice touch, as well, and would be very entertaining for many. It would be very nice if the program kept records, especially for multiple users. It would also be nice if the time bomb could be turned off. Some students, particularly those with special needs, could be inordinately stressed by having the timer visible.

Doodle Learning Math is very entertaining for young children. The application includes engaging animations and sound effects, and the mascot bunny’s appearance and voice are quite entertaining.

This app does a nice job of blending the Ipad’s creative power with its educational power. Players can store up to twelve different backgrounds featuring their own decorations using the drawing pencil or the built-in stickers.

The one suggestion I would make would be about the nervous bunny that makes an appearance on the lower right hand side of the screen when incorrect puzzle blocks are matched. It was many rounds before I noticed him, because being right-handed, he was behind my arm. If he could move around a bit when he makes his appearance to remind players to pick other matching blocks, he would be a more effective guide.

This application is priced at $3.99 in the App Store, and is a real bargain. The makers list it as being appropriate for children between the ages of seven and nine, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if older kids picked it up as well. It provides great practice in speed of computation and in mental math.
This application is very well designed to keep young children from accessing the internet or accidentally straying into the App Store. There is no advertising and there are no in-app purchases available. There are no connections to social media sites, either. It is possible to email completed background scenes by pushing the envelope button. The directions are clear, easy to read, and supported with icons and arrows.Available on the App Store