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Dr. Panda’s Supermarket App Review

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The Dr. Panda series of apps for young children are known for teaching kids about the world around them. Dr. Panda’s Supermarket is the latest addition to this high quality series and focuses on the workings of a supermarket; everything from working in the stockroom to assisting customers.

Features include:

  • Supermarket-themed mini games
  • Parent controls and protected parent menu
  • Child-friendly design

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All of the design elements used in Dr. Panda’s Supermarket are top quality. The interface is age-appropriate for the intended audience. Characters are charming, music and sounds are fun, making the supermarket a pleasant place to play and learn.

While playing this app children will learn a variety of fine motor and logic skills, in addition to learning life skills. Parents could use this app to teach numbers, colors, the difference between fruit and vegetables, following directions, and so much more. Characters make sound when interacting with the user; however, the app does not say the name of supermarket items, count along with the child, identify colors, etc.

Activities include things such as helping gather the carts from the parking lot, move customers down the escalator to their vehicles, sorting recycling or mopping up spills. More involved, but still short, activities include assisting customers by gathering the items on their lists, printing labels for their produce, bagging candy and performing the duties of a cashier. Driving the forklift in the stockroom was a favorite activity of ours.

Positive feedback is given to the user throughout the app, making this a pleasant learning environment.

Dr. Panda’s Supermarket is a delightful app that is highly entertaining. The app contains a good number of activities and the activities offer enough variety to hold kid’s attention.

This universal app performs well and is enjoyable on the multiple sized devices we used and is set at a great price. There is no end or completion of the app so activities can be played repeatedly. The fact that kids are likely to learn a number of skills or objectives without realizing they are doing so is always a plus.

Dr. Panda’s Supermarket is designed well for the intended audience of 2 to 6 year olds. Children are able to use the app without having to be concerned with text to read or accessing links or buttons they should not. There is a button on the main screen for additional apps that can be controlled by an option in the parent’s menu. Ideally, this button would be hidden by default or, even better, moved to the protected parent’s menu and then parents would not need to take the additional actions to protect their child. Making this change would increase the app’s rating in this area.

Dr. Panda’s Supermarket
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