Mabel & Lulu eBook appMabel & Lulu : The Real Life Adventures – Apphaus Design Inc

Rating: 4 out of 5
Buy it? Yes
iPhone / iPod / ipad app: $2.99
iPad only  (HD) app: n/a
Universal app : $2.99

Solar Walk 3D app

The characters in this book – Mabel, Lulu and the bird – are true stars! Although the stories can sometimes take an odd twist, I found them adorable. At $2.99 for a universal app, it is definitely worth buying and I hope to see what else Mabel and Lulu gets up to. Also – there are some “to die for” shoes in the app, and for a kids ebook that’s quite a feat!

The Mabel and Lulu app is by AppHaus, an independent app developer and – as is sometimes that case – misses out on some of the nice add ons that larger developers like Disney or Dreamworks includes such as games, coloring, etc. Also, they do not have a highlighted text feature which helps pre-readers follow along. However, at $2.99 for a universal app, Mabel and Lulu doesn’t have a large price tag that those with more functionality often have.

News: Mabel & Lulu : The Real Life Adventures has been nominated as a “Best of the Best – ebooks for kids


  • Read to Me
  • Help Me Discover (on page help)
  • Fun, interactive characters
  • Great graphics


  • No highlighted text
  • No additional games or activities

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