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Even Monsters Get Sick App Review

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Busy Bee Studios delivers another high quality app with the interactive book Even Monsters Get Sick. From a quality storyline to highly detailed interactive features, you can’t go wrong with this app!

The main character, Harry, trades his friend Mona for a pet monster named Zub, who is supposedly very boring. The book features different interactive games, the first of which is a maze that Harry has to navigate in order to get Zub home. Harry plans many activities with Zub, but Zub appears to be very bored. Interactive features in this section of the book include tapping the screen and causing Zub to make loud noises that knock tools off the garage wall. Readers need to put the tools back into place. My favorite page includes the mysterious hand that swipes popcorn from the bucket at the movie theater after Harry plans a special outing for Zub. After Zub sneezes green slime, Harry quickly realizes that Zub is not bored, he’s just sick!

Harry is kind and loving to Zub as he gets well promoting to young readers the importance of both friendship and taking care of others. Readers help Zub recover by launching cans of soup from a shovel into Zub’s mouth. After Zub recovers he is so much fun to play with that Mona wants to trade to get him back, but Harry refuses to trade the monster who “gives the world’s best monster hugs.”

The book contains both the Read to Me and I Can Read features. The Read to Me sounds as though it is narrated by a young boy, making the story feel very realistic. The sound effects and music included in the story add detail and dimension to this tale.

The app does not contain links to social media sites or IAP’s. The information section does provide access to other apps by Busy Bee Studios, and mentions additional Monsters books coming soon – Even Monsters Fall Down and Even Monsters Get Scared – I cannot wait to add them to my collection!

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This is one interactive book app that you want to add to your collection!

Even Monsters Get Sick
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