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Exotic Pet Puzzler is a creative educational app that will teach children how to write their letters, work on their alphabet, and spell through a variety of fun activities.

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Exotic Pet Puzzler is a great app with lots of fun and educational activities to help children practice writing, reading, and spelling skills. This unique app includes 4 activities for each letter that is included providing for many opportunities to practice their skills. In addition to practicing various educational skills, children also get to learn the names of different exotic animals that they may not have known before.

Features include:

  • 3 Letters in free version
  • 4 Activities for each letter
  • Puzzles
  • Unique animals


Not only does this app have a unique concept, but the developers have managed to include a variety of activities in an easy to use and organized way. With little to no direction at all, children can move through each letter and easily complete the various activities by a simple tap of their finger. The colors and illustrations that are used are very well done and are accompanied by lively music and sound effects that help to keep the app interesting. Overall the developers have done a nice job creating a high quality learning app.


Exotic Pet Puzzler is a great app for preschoolers that need a little extra practice with their alphabet and want to get a jump start on writing their letters. Within each letter (A,B,C are included in the free version), children are able to follow a guide in order to trace the letter(capital and lower case) and you can select how you want to write (by shaving off the animal’s hair, using drops of water, or watering a garden for it to grow) in the correct shape. This concept helps children not only get a feel for how to write the particular letter, but provides a fun visual so they remember it for the future.

Children will also get to practice their alphabet with a unique connect the dots game and work on their spelling as well. The spelling activity shows children the word briefly and when the letters scatter, players must put them back in the correct place based on the gray template provided, but that’s not all. As you tap and drag each letter to the correct place the letter comes to life and makes it’s own sound. This is a great way for children to learn to sound out words for future spelling and reading.


It is always nice to have a few fun activities to balance out a mainly educational app and Exotic Pet Puzzler is great in that regard. In addition to the educational activities, children will also enjoy the connect the dots activity as well as the puzzle activity. The full-version of this app also offers a bonus game that children can play as well.


The free version of the app offers a nice preview of the activities for three letters, though it would be nice to a few extra letters for children to try out. The full version can be purchased for just under four dollars and includes all of the letters of the alphabet as well as the bonus game. The bonus game is only an option if you review the app which can be frustrating for children. Parents may find that that the full version price is a bit more than some other apps, however when you consider the number of activities per letter, it makes the price more understandable.

Child Friendliness

With little to no instruction needed to get started, this app is great for children of all ages. The activities are very intuitive and the set-up is simple to use. While there are no social media links or advertisements, there is the in-app purchase that allows you to purchase the full version, however this link is protected. Another thing that might be a concern for some parents is that the bonus game is only available if you review the app (in the full version) and while the link is protected, it can be frustrating for children to not have access to the additional game without providing feedback. The information tab is also protected so parents can rest assured knowing that even if they are just using the free version, children can play without getting into areas they should be.

Exotic Pet Puzzler is a creative educational app that will teach children how to write their letters, work on their alphabet, and spell through a variety of fun activities.

Editor rating
Rated 4 stars