ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee, for Kids Review


Imagine a world filled with whimsical art, geometric creations and abstract faces and you have the beautiful artwork of renowned artist Paul Klee. ExplorArt Klee – The Art of Paul Klee, for Kids allows your child to enter Klee’s world and learn about him and his unique artistic style while interacting with his beautiful artwork. With Cice and Ku as the guides, your child will love exploring this world!

This app is so easy to use that children from preschool age up to 11 or 12 will be able to enjoy this app. Cice and Ku start by taking your child into the art studio of Paul Klee to see first-hand the various mediums he used and the items he used for inspiration. Next, your child will get to see six of Paul Klee’s masterpieces and interact with them with a touch of their hand. Kids can rebuild his “Castle and Sun” painting or make music playing with the “Twittering Machine”. There is also a fun puppet stage with puppets created by Klee for his own son with nothing but recycled materials. By the end of the app, your child will have gained a greater knowledge of Klee’s artwork and, hopefully, be inspired to start creating some of their own masterpieces.

Before using this app, I had never heard of Paul Klee but now he has a new fan! I have not only gained a love and appreciation for his art, but my kids’ creativity has been sparked and they have been all about creativity and art this past week! Klee’s ability to use different mediums and draw inspiration from the world around him has given my kids a whole new perspective on art and they have had a blast trying to create their own “Klee artwork”. I would highly recommend this app to teachers who want to expose their students to art or parents who want to spark the imagination of their children. This is a higher priced app but it is well worth it for the beautiful artwork and knowledge that this app will provide.