Fantastic Tips For Helping Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

You love your new baby, but you might not love how he or she never sleeps through an entire night. While this is totally normal, there’s numerous little things you can do to ensure baby gets a full or almost-full night’s rest. Check out a few ideas and enjoy catching your ‘zzzs:


Implement a Routine

Implement a bedtime routine with your little one as soon as possible and keep it for the next few years, though you’ll likely want to tweak it as the child gets older. Start with nursing, then reading a story or singing one to two songs, and finish by putting baby down while he or she is sleepy but not yet asleep. Whatever type of routine you choose, the key is to be consistent, which includes putting baby down at the same time every night.

Use Swaddle Blankets

Use swaddle blankets on your newborn to keep him or her comfortable for falling and staying asleep. Keep using such blankets until baby is 3 or 4 months old for best results.

Try Lavender Essential Oil

As with all essential oils, lavender essential oil boasts a number of fantastic properties, including soothing and calming properties that promote restful nights of sleep. And while lavender is one of the few essential oils you may apply directly to skin, it’s a good idea to dilute it when using it on your baby. After all, babies are very little, and the scent might be too overwhelming. Rub lavender diluted with a little water on baby’s feet to help induce sleepiness. Your child will likely form an attachment to lavender that lasts the rest of his or her life!

Go Outside

Spend as much time outdoors with your baby during the day as schedules and the season allows. The fresh air is great for both of you, and it will also help baby understand the difference between day and night.

Sleep During the Day

Make sure your newborn gets a lot of sleep during the day. This may seem counterproductive, but when they’re that little, “sleep begets sleep.”

Just Help

Don’t fret over why your baby isn’t sleeping through the night–be there to nurse, change, and cuddle as needed. Such soothing actions help babies fall asleep, as it promotes feelings of safety and protection.

What are your best tips for helping babies sleep soundly every night? Share them in the comments section!