5 Fantastic Ways To Get Your Kids Excited About Chores (It IS Possible!)

Need to motivate your children to do chores? Who doesn’t? Chores are hardly the first thing most kiddies want to do on any given day, but rather than teaching them bad habits and doing the work for them, check out a few super-brilliant ideas that will make them actually want to help!

Use the following ideas and pat yourself on the back:

WiFi Password Reward

Change your WiFi password regularly and restrict your children’s access by having them do chores before they obtain said password. Make lists of things to do each day, such as vacuuming the first floor, putting their laundry away, raking leaves, cleaning the bathroom…you get the idea. Once they complete their chores, give them the password and decide how many hours they get to spend online.

‘Choose A Chore’

Help yourself two ways with this option! Every time your children leave toys, books, electronics, or other personal items out, put them in the “Uh-Oh” bin. Create the bin so it includes chores written on pieces of paper, which they must complete to get their belongings back. The more items are in the bin, the more chores they have to do. This will definitely teach them to pick up after themselves!

Chore Cards

Create chore coupons with your children’s names on them as well as numbers–try up to 12. Every time one of them completes a chore, they get a punch on their card. Once they complete 12 chores, they get a surprise. Make the surprises different each time, such as a trip to get ice cream, an extra half hour of television, getting to pick their favorite candy bar or gum at the grocery store checkout line, etc. The cooler the surprises, the more willing they’ll be to do chores!

Scavenger Hunt

Make lists of items around the house that need to be put away in their rightful spots. Give a separate list to each child, and the first one to put all items on their lists back gets a prize.

Personalized Cleaning Buckets

Design personalized cleaning buckets featuring your children’s names and their cleaning supplies, such as vinegar and water spray, sponges, etc. Get as crafty with each bucket as you want, and be sure to create different ones for each child. They’ll find the idea of personalized cleaning caddies fun!

What are your favorite ways to inspire chore-doing in your kids? Share them in the comments section!