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  • Fergus Ferry HD
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Fergus Ferry HD is a must-have for parents and teachers as it offers a variety of stories and fun activities for free!

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Fergus Ferry HD is an amazing educational app for kids that includes a ton of great stories, games, as well as an activity to explore various buildings and Fergus’ friends in the harbour. This app is a must-have for parents and teachers as it has so many fun things for children to do in addition to the stories that teach children about being brave, believing in themselves and so much more.

Features include:

  • 24 Stories
  • Interactive game
  • Explore the Harbour activity
  • Narration options


Upon opening this app, parents are going to be astounded by all the many activities and stories that children can enjoy. Each story is full of great illustrations and images that will keep children engaged as they read. The narration options allows for reading on their own or following along with the highly animated narrator. There are also some great sound effects throughout the app that add to the overall experience that children will love. One thing that this seemingly all inclusive app does not have is text highlighting to go along with the narration. Even without that feature, this app is of very high quality and will quickly become a family favorite.


With 24 stories included in this app, children are going to learn a variety of great life lessons such as making a difference, dealing with bullies, doing the right thing, and so many more. The narration options also allow children to practice their reading skills either reading on their own or by following along with the narrator. The “Explore the Harbour” activity also teaches children about various boats, ferries, and other characters that appear in the stories. As mentioned above, this app does not include the text-highlighting feature for the stories which would be beneficial for early readers, however the overall educational value of this app is still very good.


The developers have outdone themselves with so many activities and stories for children to explore. In addition to the 24 stories that are included, there is also a game that children can play where they help Fergus save a various stranded swimmers and fight off sharks to earn points. There are multiple levels to play through with increasing difficulty which creates a fun challenge for children. The “Explore the Harbour” activity offers another fun way for children to connect with the stories and characters. By tapping and touching various areas on the harbour map, children are introduced to a variety of characters and scenery that appear in the stories.


Fergus Ferry HD is by far one of the best apps I have seen as far as value is concerned. This app is currently being offered for free! 24 stories and two other activities with wonderful illustrations and sound effects absolutely free is a steal! Parents do not want to miss out on this amazing offer especially when there are so many activities and fun things for children to do!

Child Friendliness

Not only is this app a great value and fun to play, but it is also safe and easy to use. With no in app purchases or social media links to be concerned with parents can trust that their children will enjoy this app and all it has to offer without getting into areas they shouldn’t be in. There are “parent” and “teacher” areas that offer additional information on how to use the app, but those buttons do not have any external links to be concerned with.

The only thing that could be added to the app to make it a bit more user-friendly would be text-highlighting as mentioned above, however the great narration that is offered for each story allows young children to still enjoy all that this app has to offer.

Fergus Ferry HD is a must-have for parents and teachers as it offers a variety of stories and fun activities for free!

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars