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  • Flipidee Animals
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Flipidee Animals lets children explore and build a variety of animals while learning their names and practicing their spelling skills. This is a great app for young children!

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Flipidee Animals is a cute early learning app that exposes children to a variety of animals and animal sounds as they play. Not only will they learn the animal and it’s sound, but they also get practice with spelling too. With fun music and sound effects and a unique set up, this is a simple app children will love.

Features include:

  • 24 Animals
  • Fun sound effects
  • 24 Printable coloring sheets
  • Unique slide feature


Flipidee Animals is a high quality and simple to use app that allows children to slide and build a variety of animals. The developers have created a unique user interface that is divided into three pieces and children must select the correct head, body, and legs of the animal they are building. The interface is easy to use as children only have to swipe the screen to move to the next picture. The developers have also included a variety of great illustrations and fun sound effects for children as they watch the animals come to life.


Not only are children going to learn a variety of animals as they play Flipidee Animals, but they are also going to get to practice spelling. Once all pieces of the animal are selected correctly, the illustration comes to life. The word then appears at the bottom of the screen just as a group of children narrate the spelling. This allows children to hear the spelling as well as watch as each letter accentuated. The animals are also broken into three categories; farm, pets, and zoo so children are getting exposure to 24 animals in a variety of environments. The easy to use sliding feature also requires children to use their problem solving skills to piece each animal together, much like a puzzle.


Not only are children going to have fun piecing each animal back together and watching them come to life, but they also have the opportunity to print and color the 24 coloring pages that are available. Parents may need to assist with the coloring feature, especially for young users. Having the coloring feature in the app without having to print the pages out would help younger users utilize this feature with ease. With that said, children will certainly enjoy exploring the fun animals this app has to offer.


Priced at just under a dollar, this app is a great deal. Not only are children learning the names of 24 animals, but they also get to practice spelling as well. The added coloring pages that can be printed is also a nice bonus. This is one app that can be played and enjoyed over and over again especially with young children.

Child Friendliness

With no social media links or advertisements to be concerned about this app is great for children. The easy to use slide and build feature of the app makes it easy for children to select the appropriate body parts to build each animal which is great. The developers have also included the narrated spelling of each word that makes it easy for children to see and hear the spelling of each animal. Parents will also be happy to know that the option to view and purchase other Flipidee apps is protected so children aren’t likely to get into this area without a bit of assistance.

The only thing that might need a little bit of work is the option to print the coloring pages. Since the app is aimed at a much younger audience, it is likely that parents will have to print these pages etc., however adding a coloring feature in the app would help a lot. With that said, the rest of the app is very child friendly and easy to use.

Flipidee Animals lets children explore and build a variety of animals while learning their names and practicing their spelling skills. This is a great app for young children!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars