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Frosby Learning Games is a collection of mini games for children ages 2 to 5; games are designed to be educational while still being fun. The app addresses a number of learning objectives for children in this age group. Some of the objectives covered are basic colors, size comparison (smallest and biggest), location of basic body parts (eyes, mouth, nose, arms, etc.) and counting.

Though the app contains a good number of games, the games are short and the child will probably breeze through them quickly. The games need more variety of content; such as, Find the Planes in the Clouds always contains eight planes, Feed the Mole is always five worms, Find the Smallest Object is always mushrooms and the smallest is always in the exact same location. To be effective in teaching children the intended objectives the app needs to provide more variety each time a game is visited. For example, in the Feed the Mole game, one time the game could have the user feed the mole five worms, another time four and so on or in the Find the Smallest, even if mushrooms are used, move the smallest mushroom to a different location.

Frosby Learning Games plays the same whether it is used on an iPad or iPod. For the most part, the design is intuitive and offers a few choices for accessing the games. Navigating between games could be more consistent. After completing some of the games, the app advances to the next game, in other instances the user needs to advance by using the arrow provided. The graphics and bright colors, music and sounds are appealing to kids and work nicely in making the app feel more fun than educational.

The app does not collect information or data, does not contain in-app purchases, but does contain external links. The links located in the information section should be safe from a child accidently pressing them and exiting the app. However, the rating button at the end of the app is beckoning your child to touch it and worse, it’s there every single time your child completes the games. Touching this button will cause the user to exit the app.

Frosby Learning Games is a great start to a fun and educational app for young kids. If it were to incorporate more variety in the games, make the navigation between games more consistent and remove (or protect) the ratings button that appears at the end of the games it has five-star potential.

Bottom line

Frosby Learning Games is an educational game intended for kids 2-5, but is lacking in variety of content. Plus we really dislike encouraging the child to rate the app every time the games are finished.
Frosby Learning Games is a unique early learning app with an emphasis on fun and play in every scene. Learn colors, size, play counting games and learn parts of the body by touching, dragging objects and rubbing out pictures to reveal what’s underneath.

It is designed for the 2-5 age group, but older children learning English can also enjoy it.


Here’s some of the fun and educational things you can do in this app:

✔ Includes 16 quality game activities with beautiful graphics and unique sound.

✔ Play fun counting games: Improve your child’s early maths and logic skills by finding planes in clouds, feeding worms to a mole, and catching mice in their cheese castle before the cat arrives!

✔ Learn colours: Match sweets by color and shape, give the correctly coloured ball of wool to a choosy cat, and match the colored Jellies to make them explode!

✔ Includes 2 dress up games: Learn parts of the body by making a scarecrow and then scare the crows away. Roll snowballs to make a body and head, then make a snowman!

✔ Wipe the screen: Have fun cleaning a muddy screen, wipe the windows of a bus and lend a finger to dig a tunnel for a mole.

✔ Learn ‘biggest’ and ‘smallest’ through fun animations with unique sounds.

✔ Learn the sounds of English words and numbers 1-10 with a professional voice actor.

✔ Features the useful function: ‘touch and hear’ the words featured in the games.

✔ Enjoy rewarding praise and great sound effects to encourage kids.

✔ Pre-tested: This app has been guided by a teacher’s feedback and tested on children before release, in order to be crafted into an engaging experience, tailored to the age group.

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