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  • Fun Felt Games
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  • Last modified: November 19, 2019
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Review Summary:

You don’t need an actual felt board to enjoy felt board play when you have the Fun Felt Games app.

You don’t need an actual felt board to enjoy felt board play when you have the Fun Felt Games app.



Kids like felt boards and they make a great surface for playing games, acting out stories and practicing spelling skills. However, it is hard to carry a felt board from place to place and it is often even harder to keep the pieces for the felt board in one place. While Fun Felt Games cannot be used for all of the activities you use your felt board for, you can use it to play fun games and carry the feel of a felt board with you wherever you go.

Somehow the classic felt board feel makes the traditional matching games included as part of the app seem a lot more entertaining. In fact, while the app itself is fun to kids, the beautiful felt graphics are the main highlight and really make the app stand out from some of the other matching, color and pattern recognition apps for kids.

Features include:

  • Felt graphics
  • Three types of games
  • Verbal instructions


From the felt-like graphics to the verbal instructions for children, Fun Felt Games is a high quality app. While the words and response times are slightly slower than what an adult would find comfortable, they are perfect for younger users. The voice used to provide the instructions in the app is also mellow and relaxing, making it appealing to children. What stands out most though is how well the app developers captured the look and feel of a felt board. When you interact with the vibrant graphics, you will expect to feel the same texture as pieces on a felt board. Unfortunately, while you can see the texture, developers were not able to give your device an actual felt board feel.


Three different types of matching games are included within the app. For each type of game, children can choose to play games that help them with different skills, such as matching colors, patterns, letters or shapes. The instructions given for each game are clear and letter sounds are read phonetically to help children learn their letters. One of the three games also offers something different from most traditional matching apps. Children can play a game of Snap! where they take turns turning over two decks of cards until match appears and then racing to press the “Snap!” button.


Fun Felt Games is not a flashy, highly interactive app. However, children in the under age 5 audience will enjoy playing the games and making matches. Since the app offers multiple types of games, children are not stuck playing different variations of the same game over and over again.


At its low price, Fun Felt Games is worth every penny. It is not a particularly innovative or unique app, but its low price makes it a high-quality, reliable app to add to your collection and give children some more variety during their technology game time.

Child Friendliness

There are no in-app purchases or ads included in Fun Felt Games. There are not even any parent or setting screens that could tempt children to get away from the games in the app. All children can do when they open Fun Felt Games is play the matching games. When they play the matching games they are given clear instructions to help them know what to do and are rewarded with positive praise when they successfully complete the games.

You don’t need an actual felt board to enjoy felt board play when you have the Fun Felt Games app.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars