Fun Ways To Organize Your Kids’ Toys

Make organization fun! Use any of the following clever ways to organize your kids toys. They will love the results and learn a little something about organization in the process.

Garden Window Baskets

Obtain garden window baskets of varying sizes and attach them to the wall with sturdy screws. Fill them with stuffed toys–just be sure to keep them low enough to the ground for little arms to reach!

Plastic Bin Wall

Install shelving on an entire wall of your kids’ bedroom or playroom. Purchase as many clear plastic bins as you need–feel free to purchase different sizes since your children’s toys are not one size fits all. Just make certain the bins fit on the shelves. Fill the bins with your kids toys as you see fit. Use smaller ones for doll clothes and accessories, action figures, and other small toys. Use the larger ones for balls, sporting equipment, large stuffed animals, etc.

Hanging Doll Organizer

Turn a clear plastic shoe organizer into a doll organizer! Fill each slot with one or two dolls, and use any leftover slots for clothes and accessories. Hang the organizer on the inside or outside of your child’s closet depending on the kiddie’s preference.

Rope & Clothespin Stuffed Toy Organizer

Affix a decent-sized rope to one corner of the playroom or bedroom. Pin stuffed toys to the rope, working your way down as you go. This simple trick makes organizing stuffed toys crazy-easy!

Wagon Book Storage

Transform an old wagon, such as the classic Radio Flyer, into book storage. Simply place the wagon in a corner of the bedroom or playroom after cleaning it thoroughly, then fill it with books. Stack the books vertically so you can put more in the wagon and all are clearly visible. If your child is a real bookworm, this idea will go over wonderfully!

Enjoy experimenting with these organization ideas. Have fun!