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Grandma’s Garden is a silly app for toddler and preschool aged children learning numbers, colors and letters. A bonus is that kids will learn about vegetables, too. This universal app performs well on either device.

Grandma reminds me of my mom in a number of ways; she loves to garden, has a lot of interesting things in her purse and knows how to be silly with the grandkids. The grandma in the app describes the app as a fun way to play in the garden without getting dirty; that may be true, but half of the fun of playing in the garden IS getting dirty, that and wiggling your toes in the warm dirt!

Not only is grandma lively, but the colors and music are, too. The vegetable characters are not animated, but are adorable. Grandma’s voice, which is used as the narration throughout, is exactly what you would think of a grandma sounding like. The app interface is very simple and easy to use; the app is a very positive and welcoming educational environment.

As you enter the app you will find three buttons; settings, play and more. Play, is just that, it’s where you go to play the activities you’ve chosen. More is a link to the iTunes store for more apps by FairLady Media. Settings is where you will choose the activities you would like your child to play; a single activity can be chosen or any combination of them.

Count the Vegetables is an activity that will have your child count the vegetables shown on the screen. As the vegetables are touched the number is spoken and the vegetables fall into Grandma’s bag.

Match the Vegetables will have your child finding the hidden vegetables behind eight baskets; again, as they are found, they will fall into Grandma’s bag.

Color the Vegetable has your child coloring the vegetable by swiping their finger back and forth over the vegetable to uncover the color.

First Letters is an activity that shows the word and picture of a vegetable; the first letter of the word falls away and Grandma asks your child to pick the correct letter from the three that are provided.

Shapes is a fun activity that has your child helping Grandma water the garden by choosing the correct watering can, the can with the requested shape.

Grandma will provide positive feedback and encouragement throughout the app and also will repeat the instructions until the correct action is taken. Your child will be rewarded with choosing items from Grandma’s bag and giving Grandma kisses.

Overall, this is a very cute educational app that your child will enjoy; however, it needs additional content. Currently, only four letters are covered (P, T, O, and C), numbers 1-8 and six colors. It is reasonably priced for the current amount of content. For it to be beneficial for kids ages 2-6, as it states in the iTunes description, then it needs to cover more letters, numbers and colors.

If developers were to add more content and protect (or remove) the More apps button on the main screen this app would have the potential of being a five-star app.

Bottom line

Grandma’s Garden is a positive and welcoming environment for young children to learn numbers, letters and colors.
A charming dancing Granny and her whacky veggies teach preschool and kindergarten skills in 5 mini-games. Educational content: shapes, colors, letters, counting, and memory.

Kids will experience the kind of love, positive words, and funny gifts that only a loving Grandma can provide! Kids hear “You’re so SMART!”, “You’re good at this!”, “You make me wanna dance!”, and many other positive words. They pick toys, candy, and “grandmotherly things” (e.g. lipstick, perfume, money) from her purse. In one scene, kids actually touch Grandma’s cheek to give her a kiss! This game is PURE and SWEET.

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