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Looking for a cool way to drive a lesson about gravity home with your family? The new Gravity Force iPhone app may be just what the doctor ordered.

This app includes three unique scenes each featuring a different type of gravity: Earth, Moon and Jupiter. Each scene contains the same 12 levels, so comparing the effects side by side is super easy. The gameplay in Gravity Force combines two classic game styles, one where you are trying to get a ball in a slot and another that pits young users against puzzles with moving pieces, gaping holes and more. The results are really fun. My only complaint is that it’s almost too easy to breeze through most of the Earth and moon gravity levels.

As a word of warning, there are some outside links in the app. They lead directly to information about Siemens Science Day, and to other educational videos tucked into the app. So, parents, this may be an app you enjoy together instead of separately.

Bottom line

Gravity Force is a free and fun way to illustrate science lessons effectively. Beware the occasional outside link.

Gravity Force can best be described as a cross between Labyrinth and Ball in a Cup. This arcade style game has multiple difficulty levels and game screens. It has enjoyed positive reviews in the App store and we are trying to get the word out. We are proud to be part of a project aimed at engaging children in the important topic of science.
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