Highlights Hidden Pictures APP Review

This app, Highlights Hidden Pictures, comes from the Highlights for Children Magazine. The magazine that reminds me of childhood waits in the doctor or dentist office. It’s a great magazine and now it keeps my kids entertained in waiting rooms too. This is their app for the hidden pictures that are featured in their magazine. It is the best hidden picture type app that my kids and I have tried so far and we are loving it.

You choose a puzzle and it shows up on your screen in black and white, just like it would in the magazine. Along the top of the screen is the list that tells you what you’re looking for. It also gives you pictures to look for, not just names of objects. Scroll through the picture (there’ll be more than what shows up on your screen) and look for the hidden pictures. You can also turn your phone and see the picture in landscape or zoom in and out. When you find an object tap on it and it will be colored in. I thought this was fantastic and a great way to keep track of what you’ve found and where you’ve looked in the picture. If you get stuck there is a hint feature that works really well. If you’re up for more of a challenge, hide the list of objects. Once you’ve completed the puzzle you can choose “play again” to clear out all the answers. This is a fantastic thing!! It means that all three of my kids can have their own turn with the different puzzles.

Right now the app has eight puzzles. Within the app you can register to receive two additional free puzzles. All you have to provide is your first name (or child’s name) and year of birth. This will also allow you to be notified of additional puzzle packs as they become available.  If you tap on the “More Puzzles” button on the main screen you’ll see these additional puzzle packs. Tap on the one you’d like and you can purchase it from within the app. (They will cost additional money.)  The iTunes description says that new puzzle packs will continue to be released from Highlights’ extensive hidden picture files.

I think this app is wonderful. The only thing that bothered me was the very zesty music. Music that’ll appeal to children but drove me bonkers. The developer thought of this too and there’s an easy way to turn off the sound. If you’ve got kids who enjoy hidden picture puzzles this one is a must download.

Update – 12/16/09 – The app now delivers a free puzzle every month and the price is $.99. Excellent!

Price when Reviewed: $.99 as of 12/16/09

Seller: Mobad Games/Highlights for Children

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