How To Set Up Your New iPhone 6 the RIGHT Way: Our 10 Best Tips


So you’ve gotten your hands on the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and are ready to dive and start using it- great! But before you start pressing buttons, we’ve compiled some of our tips for making sure your new precious device is set up for success, hopefully saving you time in the long run and making your technological life a lot easier.

Luckily, Apple has made the general set up process pretty straight forward over the years, so once you turn on the phone using the new power/sleep button on the right side (not the top) you are taken right to the Setup Assistant screen. From there, this part is pretty self-explanitory: select a language, wifi network and sign into iCloud. (If you haven’t set up iCloud, you’ll need to do that).

Once you’ve done the basic stuff which is pretty easy, it’s these little tips that will make your new iPhone experience a much more pleasant one, so take notes and you’ll be on your way in no time!

  • Don’t set up iCloud Drive  yet, which is the new storage system that Apple is upgrading too. It’s supposedly going to be much better, but it’s not ready yet, so just select “Not Now”
  • Disable the keyboard noises. A personal preference, but generally considered to be annoying.
  • Set up your TouchID and passcode immediately. Your phone is going to hold a lot of information of yours and it’s important to lock it down right away. You can add more fingers or additional people in Settings, scrolling down, and selecting Touch ID & Passcode → Add a Fingerprint.
  • Set up your iMessages to automatically delete to save precious space. One of the many cool features in iOS 8’s Messages app is the ability to automatically delete old threads. Audio and video messages can also be set to expire after two minutes, which will save you a lot of storage space.
  • Make sure to enable the “Hey Siri” function which allows her to pop up just by hearing the voice command when connected to power. Siri will now be completely hands-free, great for driving!
  • Increase your number of “preview lines” in your mail settings. It defaults to two, but you can have any many as 5 lines to view more of your emails without opening them.
  • Clean those screens! A new iPhone is the chance to make a clean slate, so hide the apps you don’t use by holding them down and once they wiggle, you can either delete them or put them in a folder that’s not on the home screen. (Note: some apps Apple won’t let you delete, like the “Clock” but you can always move it based on your preferences)
  • Customize how you want push notifications to be sent from different apps. You may not want everything to show up from every app, so it can all be set up to your needs
  • Get a case! The new iPhones feature rounded edges instead of the flat edges that we saw on the previous models, and reports are that they’re slippery! Save yourself a cracked screen and the sadness of regret and get a case right away!
  • Check out the best apps available for iOS 8. You’ll want the very best to optimize your experience, so do yourself a favor and start checking these out here

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