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Many people fell in “luv” with the iLuv Drawing Animals app. Now available is the third app in the iLuv Drawing series, iLuv Drawing People. With many of the same great features, plus numerous new ones, this app is all about drawing kids doing their favorite things.

The app interface is intuitive and easy to use; however, a short, in-app tutorial is available. Users will learn to draw by following narrated step-by-step instructions that walk them through tracing predefined drawings. Twenty drawings are available to choose from and narration is easy to understand. In addition to the 20 drawings, blank pages are available for freehand drawing.

Standard editing tools are available; such as undo, redo, an eraser and start over (which erases the entire drawing). iLuv Drawing People contains a multitude of choices for colors, brush and pencil sizes, backgrounds and textures, and stickers; stickers for clothes and accessories and for sayings or words, such as “I Love You”, Grandma, and Dad to name a few. Drawings can be saved to an in-app book, your Photos library, e-mailed or printed. Drawings saved to the in-app book can be edited.

iLuv Drawing People does not contain in-app purchases or social media buttons. It does contain external links. Most of the external links are contained in a secured menu discretely located at the bottom of the main screen; HOWEVER, there is a “More Apps” button placed at the top of the screen that may draw your child’s attention. Pressing this button will cause the user to exit the app. Ideally, the developer should have placed this link in the secured menu with the other links.

An iPhone version of iLuv Drawing People is available in iTunes.

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Bottom line

With a multitude of features, iLuv Drawing People will appeal to artists of all ages.
3rd in the series of iLuv Drawing apps, this app teaches 20 different drawings of individual people such as a boy, girl, baby, mom and dad; family; kids doing activities such as jumping, playing, running, skiing, skating, reading, dancing, swinging, sliding and more! The app is designed to teach the basic building blocks of drawing people so they can take it to the next level!

Kids can have more fun with this app by coloring and decorating with the custom backgrounds textures and “DRESS-UP” stickers! They can create greeting cards with many other stickers and share with their loved ones!

iLuv Drawing apps are great for art, creativity, learning the basics of drawing and skills such as fine motor skills, following directions, building self confidence by achieving great results!

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