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Review Summary:

iLuv Drawing Vehicles is a high quality drawing app that teaches little ones to draw a wide variety of vehicles. Full of great colors, fun sounds, and delightful backgrounds, this app will keep children entertained for hours.


iLuv Drawing Vehicles is the perfect app for little artists that could use a bit of assistance learning to draw various figures. This app provides step-by-step instruction on drawing and decorating a number of vehicles and allows children to color and save their masterpieces for sharing or later viewing. It even offers a blank page for children to practice their skills or to draw what ever they want.

Features include:

  • 20 Vehicles to draw
  • Blank page for free drawing
  • Background and sticker options
  • A wide variety of colors to choose from


The visual appeal of this app is great for kids. There are bright colors, easy to draw pictures, as well as a wide variety of colors, stickers, and background options to choose from. As children draw they are guided by a narrator that describes the steps for drawing each figure. Occasionally you will hear other sound effects like the page being turned or a drawer opening and closing which makes the drawing more realistic. The developers did a very nice job in the technical pieces of the app as well as with the content. Overall, this is a great quality app.


iLuv Drawing Vehicles is not your typical educational application, but it does provide children with a mobile art lesson they can use on the go. As children learn to draw each vehicle, they are shown various lines and figures similar to a stencil to follow. After completing all of the stenciled lines, they have the option of removing the lines to view and color their masterpiece.

Each of the 20 vehicles are also accompanied by a narrator that provides children with step-by-step instructions to draw that particular figure. Part of their instructions include describing shapes and technical names of the vehicle they are drawing and children are able to learn these as well.

While this isn’t your typical learning app, it is a great app for exploring art while learning to draw various vehicles.


While children are learning to draw a variety of vehicles, they will also be having tons of fun creating unique masterpieces with the many accessories and options that are available to them. Not only are there many colors to use, but also various backgrounds, patterns, markers, pencils, and other drawing tools to decorate their pictures. While the main focus is on drawing various vehicles, children also have an option to us a blank page to draw whatever they choose providing lots of freedom and fun for children.

Another great feature in this app is the album that allows children to save and view their masterpieces later as well as a print and email option to share their pictures with others. Parents can email various pictures to family members or print them and hang them around the home.


When you consider the cost of markers, colored pencils, paper and an art lesson this app is a great deal. For just under two dollars children can get all of that plus backgrounds, stickers, and a multitude of colors to use on their drawings. There are so many colors and drawing utensils to choose from in addition to the many vehicles that I think parents will certainly appreciate the cost. For little artists with a love for various vehicles, this app is perfect and will keep them entertained for hours.

Child Friendliness

Not only is iLuv Drawing Vehicles a fun and educational app, but it is also very easy to use. There are arrows that guide children from page to page as well as a narrator that gives detailed instructions on how to draw each vehicle. There is also a “how to” instruction video that is included on the main page of that app that explains how to use the app and what all the various buttons mean which is very beneficial for children just getting started.

There are no social media links or flashy in app advertisements to be concerned about. There is a link on the main page for other apps by the same developer that parents will want to be aware of as well as the save and email options within the app itself.

iLuv Drawing Vehicles is a high quality drawing app that teaches little ones to draw a wide variety of vehicles. Full of great colors, fun sounds, and delightful backgrounds, this app will keep children entertained for hours.

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars