Indoor Activity Ideas For The Whole Family, Part One

If you don’t want to spend another winter in front of the television or computer screen while your family does the same, do not worry. Plenty of fantastic indoor activities for the whole family are out there, all of which allow you to say a temporary goodbye to technology and focus on having fun as a unit.

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Check out a few excellent ideas:

Indoor Trampoline Park

Have a hysterically-great time jumping around at an indoor trampoline park. Find one near you and spend a cold winter day bouncing up and down, diving into foam pools, and more.

Indoor Mini Golf

Indoor mini golf options are increasingly-popular, and frequently feature fantastical displays and decorations. Get your put-put on and see if you don’t have a burgeoning Tiger Woods in the family!

Museum Fun

Fine art museums, history museums, interactive museums…find what speaks to everyone in your family and spend an afternoon immersing yourselves in everything the museum has to offer. Some museums offer free and pay-what-you-want days throughout each month, so see what’s available in your community to save some cash.


Workshops at local home goods stores are weekend staples in many parts of the country. Whether you want to learn how to build a birdhouse, make Christmas wreaths, or enjoy other projects that involve tools and aprons, there’s likely numerous options to select from.


When is bowling not fun? Use the bumper lanes if your children are really little…you’ll have a rousing time regardless!

Climbing Gym

Climbing gyms are great forms of exercise and allow you and your family to try climbing in a safe environment before doing the real thing outdoors. Conquer your fear of heights or simply learn something new.

Pick from these and other possibilities in your area for hours of family fun!