PRICE: $1.99

MY RATING: 5 / 5 (excellent)


Drawing Pad – Darren Murtha Design

Drawing Pad is by far one of the best drawing apps for kids. It’s simple to use, but not too childish in the design. As a designer, I just love the layout of the app – and if it had a bit more functionality (brush size, color picker, layers etc) would use it myself. Also, because of the interface on this art app, it works a wide range of age groups from toddlers to teens. Serious artists will want something a little more advanced and there are plenty of good iPad apps out there for them including: Brushes for iPad, ArtStudio for iPad and SketchBook Pro for iPad

Drawing Pad - iPad Art App For Kids
Drawing Pad has a great beginning selection of art supplies
Drawing Pad - iPad Art App For Kids
Create an underwater scene with stickers and special paper in the Drawing Pad iPad app
Drawing Pad - iPad Art App For Kids
Kids can quickly and easily create art that you can save, email or even upload to Facebook with this iPad art app for kids
Drawing Pad - iPad Art App For Kids
Choose from many different types and colors of papers including grid paper seen here