My Very First App by Eric Carle and Night and Day Studios
PRICE: $0.99
MY RATING: 3.5 / 5 (ok – could be 5 with tweaks)
BUY IT? Maybe


My Very First App – Night & Day Studios, Inc.

This simple app is beautifully illustrated by renowned childrens’ book artist, Eric Carle, in collaboration with Night and Day Studios.

I was very excited to review this app because I am a fan of both Eric Carle’s books and Night and Day Studios Peekaboo Barn. The app is beautiful and simple, and at 0.99 for a universal app it is reasonably priced. However, the color app which I reviewed didn’t seem to have much substance to it. It would have been a cute free app, but for a paid app I would have like to see a little more going on with it. Extra sets for the app are 0.99, but I would have preferred to see an app with colors, shapes and numbers for 1.99 or 2.99 with additional sets as an add on.

There are some other things about the app which don’t quite work, such as “tap and hold” replacing a simple finger touch. I am not sure why the developers did this since the ease of the touch screen is arguably the strongest selling point of the iphone and ipad. Also the game levels lacked a introduction to get kids started. Yes, it wasn’t difficult to work out, but it was not as intuitive as I would hope for a kids app.

Ultimately, I think this could be a great little app with a few tweaks, and if you just get it for a taste of Eric Carle on the iPad / iPhone, well you will probably be happy.