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iSmarty is a matching game for toddlers and preschoolers. This universal app works well on either device.

Children will be attracted to the bright colors, loveable animals and happy music used in the design of the app. The object of the game is to match the lost baby with its mother. In the various scenes that repeat throughout the app, the child will need to match all 15 babies and mothers before earning the short celebration at the end. After matching each set, the child earns a sticker with the picture of mother and baby. The celebration at the end was a little disappointing, because it’s so short and though the animals are lightly animated the child can’t do anything with them. The game immediately restarts after the celebration.

iSmarty has a very simple, easy-to-use interface which kids will be able to use right away. Some children will need a little help in figuring out what to do. In each scene the child is presented with a mother and three different babies, the child needs to drag the correct baby to the mother. There are other animations on the screen, such as birds and butterflies, but they don’t do anything other than fly around. They may be a distraction and frustration to some kids being they don’t do anything when you touch them.

One feature I really like, besides the loveable animals, is the unique security technique used to access the parents menu; you need to touch the two buttons at the same time before the screen advances. On the parents menu, you will find the social media, email and rate this app type buttons, and the volume control. It would be nice to have an option to mute the music, but keep the narration. This menu can only be accessed from the sticker screen.

Bottom line

iSmarty is a beautiful and entertaining app for very young children and it’s currently at a great price point. With some design changes, this would be a five-star app.
Announcing the Exciting New Child’s Game “iSmarty”

iSmarty is going to bring loads of fun to kids and teach them about love and fun as well.

iSmarty is a brand new interactive HD game that unites education and fun for young children using the iPad or iPhone or Android. It features 15 beautifully animated and friendly animals with professional voices. The challenge of these educational games is for the child to find the Mother’s pup and bring it home to her. The child can choose from three different animals and is rewarded when they find and help the little one get back to its Mother. The child receives praise and a sticker of the little creature they saved.

These games for kids stands out from the rest of the games for toddlers in that it can give hours of fun for a young child and can also provide a much needed rest for parents. This is because a child can play these, iPad games or iPhone games on their own. They are so simple with their intuitive interface that a child could play the game without assistance.

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