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Family-friendly iPad app, iSpotPro TE, is a nicely designed spot the difference app for kids six years old and older. In this spot the difference app an original and modified version of the same image appear side by side and you need to find the differences.

iSpotPro contains enough content to provide hours of entertainment. The app is broken into 5 game packs each with a different scene; two with a family theme, one named out and about, one vacation and one classroom theme. Each game pack has three levels and each level contains five games which become progressively more difficult as you work through each game to unlock the next. In the easier levels only two differences will need to be identified while in the more difficult levels four items may need to be found.

To add to the difficulty, three timing options are available; no timer, 20 or 30 seconds.

Find yourself needing assistance identifying the differences, bonus hints are earned as games are completed. These hints can be used when you are stumped.

Not sure what to do to get started, simple in-app instructions will get you on your way quickly.

iSpotPro does not contain in-app purchases, ads, external links or social media buttons, making it an ideal kid-safe app.

The graphics are nicely done, but could be a bit larger as some of the details are difficult to see making it hard to find the differences and without the ability to zoom in can make it a bit frustrating for young users.

The app does not contain music or sound, adding those elements (with the option to use them or not) would make this lovely app a bit more entertaining.

Bottom line

iSpotPro TE is a family-friendly spot the difference iPad app, while it could use a few improvements; it is still entertaining for the entire family.
iSpotPro Themed Edition, is a “spot the difference” type of app, but with beautifully-crafted graphics, which are easy on the eye and engaging, for kids and adults alike. It provides a means of exercising and strengthening brain functions, and trains your visual memory and pattern recognition skills!

Spot Pro Themed Edition takes the global hit game, and turns it into a perfect pass-time, and learning app. With 75 levels of gameplay, using stunning, detailed graphic scenes, 3 levels of difficulty and 3 game modes, there’s plenty of levels to keep you and your child entertained for hours.

For your peace of mind, there are no hidden costs or in-app purchases…Now you can let your child or the child within you start learning the fun and easy way!

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