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  • Jamaroos Musical ABCs
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Jamaroos Musical ABCs is an outstanding early learning app with fun music and vocabulary words that children will love. Great content and great value!

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Jamaroos Musical ABCs is an amazingly entertaining and educational app that children are going to love. With fun words, music, instruments, and a some really great graphics, this app is going to keep children engaged as they learn a variety of words and sounds to help with their reading skills. The easy to use interface makes for easy play without the need for instruction or assistance by parents.

Features include:

  • 104 Vocabulary words
  • 26 Letter performances
  • Pronunciation of letter sounds


The first thing parents and children will notice about this app are the brightly colored illustrations and interactive images that accompany each letter of the alphabet. The audio and narration pieces are also pretty impressive as they include a variety of musical performances and songs for each letter along with the sound phonics for each letter as well. There is also a narrator that reads each vocabulary word aloud with an emphasis on the first letter of the word, which is great for early learners. Overall, the developers have done a magnificent job making this app easy to use and engaging with professional audio and illustrations.


Jamaroos Musical ABCs offers so many educational opportunities for young children. In addition to learning their alphabet, they also are going to be exposed to the sounds each letter makes. By simply dragging and dropping a letter to the stage, players easily invite a fun character to put on a musical show. For instance, the letter “H” features Hap the Hyena playing the harmonica. After each animal performs, children can also tap and touch a variety of pictures that appear on the bottom part of the stage. When these pictures are tapped a vocabulary word appears, the narrator reads it aloud, and other stackable images also appear that children can play with. These additional features provide children the opportunity to learn over 100 new words and practice their reading skills and word recognition.

What I love about this app is that it approaches the learning process in a variety of ways. Children are not only be exposed to the written words, but they also get to hear the narrator read them aloud, while also seeing an image that illustrates the word. The developers have done a really nice job making sure they have satisfied a variety of learning styles in this one app.


While there isn’t a specific entertainment activity in this app, there are areas where children are going to have fun exploring. Each musical performance is interesting and fun to watch and listen to, not to mention the stackable images that children can play with. The developers have also included a bit of a celebration for each vocabulary word when all of the images are tapped (making them disappear). The streamers and sound effects help to keep children engaged as they move on to explore the next letter.


Priced at just under three dollars, this app has a lot to offer and is a great value. With over 100 vocabulary words, a variety of interactive words/images, and the easy to use interface, this app is one young children will enjoy over and over again.

Child Friendliness

The developers have done a magnificent job making sure this app is easy to use and safe too. In order to move through the app, children need only to tap or drag images/letters around the screen which is great for young users as it doesn’t require much instruction or assistance from parents. Parents will also appreciate the protected areas of the app that are for parents only so little ones don’t end up in areas they shouldn’t be.

Jamaroos Musical ABCs is an outstanding early learning app with fun music and vocabulary words that children will love. Great content and great value!

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Rated 5 stars