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Numbers, letters, shapes and colors will come alive for your child in a whole new way with Janes ABCs 123s.

This collection of interactive flashcards makes learning fun and easy through repetition, animation and the occasional song.

Janes ABCs 123s is broken up into four sections: ABCs, 123s, Colors and shapes. In the ABCs section each letter of the alphabet appears on a wooden block. Your child can tap on any letter to view a custom flash card page for that individual letter, or touch the music note icon to hear the ABC song.

Each individual letter page showcases the letter in uppercase and lower case, has a word beginning with the letter and a picture of the word.
Every item on the screen is interactive. She can touch either wooden letter block to hear the letter’s name and the sound it makes.

Each letter of the word plays its corresponding sound when tapped. And touching the image repeats the word out loud, cueing a fun animation.

All sections of the Janes ABCs 123s are created in the same thoughtful way, featuring songs, animations and multiple repetitions.

Your child will learn:

  • Numbers 0 to 20.
  • The alphabet, A to Z.
  • 12 colors.
  • 12 shapes.

Best of all? This universal educational app costs just $.99 to download from iTunes.

Bottom line

Janes ABCs 123s is a thoughtful app chock full of educational goodies appropriate for children ages 2 to 6. And the price rocks.

Prepare your pre-schooler to read with JANES ABCs 123s. JANES ABCs 123s is a set of interactive flash cards, developed to teach children their ABCs and letter sounds to prepare children how to read. The program also includes Numbers, Colors, and Shapes.


• Retina Graphics

• Interactive Words

• Interactive Images

• Pronunciation for each letter

• Counting from 0 to 20

• Twelve interactive Color pages

• Twelve interactive Shape pages