Kiddie Birthday Ideas When You’re Out Of Time And Energy

Is your child’s birthday coming up, but you’re sapped of energy? Low on funds? Out of time? Fear not. There’s plenty of last-minute, low-cost birthday ideas that won’t cause you to collapse from exhaustion. Review the following options and ensure your child’s birthday is a rockin’ good time:

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Special Night Out

Allow your child to help you plan a special night out. Let the little ‘un pick the restaurant or activity…it’s not like children have expensive taste, after all…and spend the evening telling stories about when the tyke was even smaller than she is now. Ask your server for a birthday cake to enhance the night even further.

Mini Stay-Cation

Plan a mini staycation for your youngling’s birthday. Rent a hotel room if desired and enjoy swimming in the hotel pool, watching movies, ordering room service, and serving cake or other favorite foods, such as doughnuts and cookies. You’ll get to relax with your partner while your child enjoys the novelty of being somewhere different.

Night With Friends

Have your child pick two or three friends for a fun birthday outing. Think favorite fast food chains with playgrounds, pizza and a sporting event, pizza and a movie, or a trip to the local children’s museum, mini golf course, trampoline park, bowling alley, etc. The friends will feel special for being chosen, and it gives your child a chance to bond further with her besties.

Shopping Trip

Ask your child if he or she would rather use the money spent on a birthday party towards a shopping trip. If the answer is yes, take the child to the local mall and visit favorite stores, such as joke stores, accessory stores, and clothing stores. Eat at the food court and don’t forget to order ice cream or cookies for dessert.

Girls’ Night

Have a house full of daughters? Plan the youngest’s birthday as a girls’ night with you and her older sisters. She’ll love being the center of attention and feeling like a “big girl,” especially if she gets to do things her elder siblings do, such as painting her nails, watching a scary movie, and staying up later. Order favorite takeout and supply plenty of junk food, such as chips and dip, cookies, and pretzels.
Have the above ideas inspired you? There’s lots of ways to make your child’s birthday special without throwing a party…just remember to make a big deal of it, no matter what!