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KidQuest will provide your children with hours of hand-on, learning fun as they do crafts, explore science experiments and more as they follow the directions from this app.

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KidQuest offers a wide selection of craft, science and activity ideas suitable for most children. The app features clear, illustrated directions, badges for completing activities, and a scrapbook record of the fun.

Features include:

  • Filter activities by age, type and time requirements’
  • Optional narration for all instructions
  • Built-in photo, video, and note-taking capability
  • Scrapbook records include summary of activity combined with user-generated content
  • Option to share scrapbooks


KidQuest is well-designed to provide info about flexible, off-line fun for children. Each activity is clearly laid out with a supply list, directions and illustrations. Users are encouraged to document their experiences using the Notes, Photographs, or Video feature, then the app creates a scrapbook record automatically. Each feature works well, and the app includes a huge array of projects in the free version (at least 25) with additional sets of activities available as in-app purchase. There does seem to be a small glitch at the end of the first quest in the Garfield Draws series (an in-app purchase) where at the end of the game, the options to play another game or quit don’t work. A swipe to the page will end the quest with access to the book, but there’s no prompt to do so. Also, this game should have an option to end early if needed.


It’s refreshing to see an app that encourages experiential learning and that’s exactly what KidQuest manages to do. The hands-on activities are perfect diversions for kids playing by themselves, with a group or with a parent. The array includes activities that are perfect for the very young on up to experiments and crafts that older elementary students will enjoy. Some carry cautions that adult assistance will be needed (usually for steps requiring use of scissors or stove or similar challenges), and others are perfect for kids to do completely on their own. The activities encourage exploration, develop many different kinds of skills such as scientific inquiry and observation, and some even open the door to additional extension activities, such as building a table-top soccer field that can be used again and again to play the game.

The app also features a scrapbooking tool that automatically creates a record of each activity. Users are encouraged to write notes, take photos and create videos of each step, and these are incorporated into the scrapbook record of each completed activity. The app writes a simple story about the steps in the activity that appears even if no content is added, but the user’s notes, pictures and movies are incorporated into the scrapbook, making it a very creative tool. There is option to share the completed books, but this should be at the adult’s discretion (the sharing mechanism is protected by a parent gate).

The directions for each activity are written in clear, easy-to-follow steps, with illustrations and an optional read-aloud feature. There is a complete list of supplies needed included with each activity, as well. There are two more sets of quests available as in-app purchases.  The Doozers series contains three activities that are all hands-on and very well designed for preschoolers. For example, the first quest explores ways of measuring leaves to decide which is the largest. The Garfield Draws series (also available as an in-app purchase) contains 5 extra quests that encourage young users to become cartoonists in various ways, suitable for young elementary students and older. These quests explore drawing, animation and story-telling.


If you’ve been searching for a way to pry the kids away from their screen and get them out into the real world, this app may be just the ticket. The activities that are included are creative and hands-on, and will appeal to boys and girls alike. With the scrapbooking element, developers have opened the door to learning and creativity. They also include a badge collection system that rewards players for completing tasks. All in all, this app is designed to be a keeper that will occupy children for many hours.


KidQuest is a free app, but it includes over twenty activities, making it a valuable free download. The activities can be done again and again, and many of them will appeal to kids to the point that the youngsters will take what they have learned and use it over and over. The app does include some possible in-app purchases to open up additional quests (activity ideas) as well. The prices range from 99 cents to $1.99, and each purchase includes 3 to 5 additional activity ideas.

Child Friendliness

KidQuest is a child-friendly app. There are no outside advertisements. All links to social media, the App Store, and internet sites are protected by an effective parent gate that requires a high level of reading comprehension to pass. It is a minor concern that the new quests available as in-app purchases are visible to children, but the developers did include an option to hide these from view on the main screen. However, the locked items are still visible in the “Find a Quest” section. It is also a concern that the links to share the scrapbooks is accessible to children, though it is protected by the parent gate, and that a ratings pop-up is shown to the kids. These things would be better kept completely behind the parent gate so that young children did not even know they were available.

KidQuest will provide your children with hours of hand-on, learning fun as they do crafts, explore science experiments and more as they follow the directions from this app.

Editor rating
Rated 5 stars