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Overall, this is an excellent app that helps teach seasons and weather to children 3-8. There are 3 levels which are supposed to correspond to different ages, but really help learn different aspects of the weather and seasons.

The interactions are really well done and visually, it’s a great looking app too. One of the best things about the app is that it includes great directions that help even the youngest child will be able to use the app.

3 Different Levels of Play:
Level 1 is a game where kids pick the right photo based on clues about the weather and season. Level 2 introduces what kind of clothing you might wear for a particular day based on the weather and season. In level 3 you match the activity to the calender based on the weather, season and month.

What I don’t like:
I was very dissappointed with the prominence of Facebook and Twitter icons on the welcome screen, and the up-sell icons to their other apps, making it too easy for kids to exit the app and find themselves online. I don’t have an issue with apps including this information as long as it’s discreet and, preferably only accessible to adults.

Other considerations:
The months and seasons work for the Northern Hemisphere, not the Southern Hemisphere – therefore leaving Australia and New Zealand users out in the cold!

Bottom-line: This is a fantastic weather app that could easily be 5 stars with a couple of tweaks.

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