Penelope The Purple Pirate By PicPocket Books

4 star rating from

I loved the story of Penelope a little girl who is getting too old for naps and instead takes an imaginative adventure into a land of pirates and buried treasure.

A wonderful bonus is that the app also has a parent / teacher guide, classroom guide and fun facts about the animals featured. In addition, since Penelope’s friends have some type of disability in the story, it gives a good opportunity to discuss this.

The downside is that there is no navigation in the app that lets you skip to the teachers notes, animal facts or even back to the home screen. There is an info icon at the bottom right of the screen, but that only allows you to turn word highlighting and/or narration on and off.

Bottom line – this is a good little app with a creative story that could be better with a little more design work in the interface.

Device: iPad HD, iPad compatible, iPhone, iPod app
Price: $1.99 to $ 2.99

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