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Looking for a new all-in-one app that’s appropriate for preschoolers and boasts a certain international flair? This week I had a chance to hand my kiddos an app called Kids Fun for iPhone. This well-crafted collection of standard kid games is all action and no words, creating a truly global collection of favorites such as connect the dots, memory, puzzles and more.

Kids Fun for iPhone definitely abides by the rule that more is better. There are more than 70 activities tucked into this extremely neatly designed application. But how’d it go over with the all-important tots?

There were a lot of things about the app that the kids really liked. I think apps without lengthy instructions or labels really speak to pre-K kids. Despite the lack of direction, the kiddos, naturally, made the most of the app, happily playing whatever game their random tapping brought their way.  They especially liked the sound picture book and hide-and-seek.

We did run into a few issues with certain games. For example, the connect-the-dots game was a bit resistant at times, especially when it came time to connect the last dot to the whole picture. The little ones ran into the same touchiness on the coloring interface, too. Some spots just didn’t want to take color no matter how many times or ways their little fingers tapped at them.

Even with a few user issues, Kids Fun for iPhone was well received by the kids. The user interface was definitely my favorite feature of the app. It neatly tucks social networking links and any outside links carefully in an adult-friendly info section. The games themselves play smoothly and with a bit of flair the kids really liked.

Bottom line

Kids Fun for iPhone is an extremely well made collection of games kids are going to adore, available at a middle of the road price that’s easy to get behind.

“This app takes the genre up a notch by offering the “two Q’s” (quality and
quantity)… This is an excellent general purpose preschool app…”
Editor’s Choice Award, Children’s Technology Review, March 2012. ★★★★★


Kids Fun, more than 70 games and activities to play, create, observe, learn and have fun while discovering nature and its animals.

Puzzles, matching, coloring, memory, hide-and-seek, dot-to-dot, spot the differences, stickers, mixed animals and a sound picture book… More than 70 activities and numerous surprises that will give your children hours and hours of fun, entertainment and discovery time!

The application contains no word and can be used by everyone all over the world. Its interface is intuitive and especially designed for young children. No need for explanations, just play!

Kids Fun an all-in-one, award winning app, sold in more than 50 countries!

Also available for iPad! Regular Price: $1.99