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Give your youngster every advantage with the Letters, Numbers and Shapes iPad app. This app packs a lot of info in a compact package that’s fun to use.

Educational Factor

The Letters, Numbers and Shapes iPad app is designed to act as a pre-K primer for letters (both capital and lowercase), numbers and shapes. As you can tell the name is quite fitting.

There are four game modes. In each section a problem is represented in the upper portion of the blackboard themed screen, and your tyke’s job is to find the correct option to finish the problem in the bottom of the page.

For example, in the number section, the problem might read “21 22 _ 24.” Your child’s job is to find 23 at the bottom of the screen where numbers are listed 1 to 30. Each time they touch a number or letter a polite British voice announces it for additional audible educational stimulus.

A Few Concerns

It’s worth noting that the letters and numbers at the bottom of the screen are already in order. I think that’s appropriate for learning at this level. It will help your child learn the order of letters in the alphabet, and help with counting.

This also limits the range of the app’s appeal. Once your little one is in kindergarten, the app becomes relatively useless.

Unfortunately the color coded shape exercises do not have any audio. It would have been a nice touch to include it. The shapes section is much better for teaching your child how to recognize and repeat patterns. They will need some help from you to learn the names of shapes with this app.

You might need to help them master the app’s user interface as well. To select a letter, number or shape as an answer they must touch it, hold it and drag it across the screen to the correct blank.

A quick shortcut? Tap the right answer twice in quick succession. It will zoom across the board to complete the problem. That seems a little tricky for a toddler, so you might want to master the controls yourself before handing the app to your child.

Bottom Line: A fun chalk board theme and boatload of learning opportunities make this app a good value, despite a few opportunities for improvement.

Help your toddler be their best on the first day of school. Letters, Numbers and Shapes is a fun and interactive app filled with colors, sounds, and movement to help your child learn what they need, to be successful in math and English language arts. Developed in partnerships with teachers and curriculum specialists, this app is linked to the US Common Core Standards for Kindergarten level Math and English language arts. The first in a series, Letters, Numbers and Shapes will guide your toddler toward a lifetime love for learning.