Great Cooking Apps for Moms on the Go


5 Best Cooking Apps for Busy Moms

Cooking apps do everything from help you find recipes to offering step-by-step instructions on how to whip up the perfect meal. Thankfully, there are thousands of amazing recipes and cooking apps on the market. For busy moms, we know how a helping hand in the kitchen can make all the difference, which is why we picked the apps for cooking. This Top 5 list is our roundup of some of the best cooking apps for moms on the go!

Food Network In the Kitchen

One of my favorite apps to look for recipes, Food Network In the Kitchen features recipes from all your favorite Food Network chefs.  With Food Network In the Kitchen, you can gain instant access to your favorite Food Network chefs and thousands of their most popular recipes.  The app is also free to download!  There are new recipes added every month, too.  Another great feature of the app, there are helpful recipe videos on select recipes that help you prepare your dish.  The app also includes a variety of recipe collections, including: appetizers, brunch, chicken, desserts, fan favorites, healthy, kid-friendly, and the list goes on and on.  If you are looking for a great way to find a great new recipe fast, be sure to check out  Food Network In the Kitchen! – Recipes, Shopping Lists & Meal Plans

The – Recipes, Shopping Lists & Meal Plans app is the perfect comprehensive recipe and grocery-deals app for busy moms on the go.  With, moms can utilize an app with over 500,000 rated and reviewed recipes right on their iPhone.  The app provides an organized recipe box, a meal-planning toolkit, as well as instant access to savings at local grocery stores!  As moms build a menu, the app will instantly populate their shopping list with ingredients as well as help them compare grocery deals at their local stores, saving time and money!  Moms can even import recipes from over 30 recipe sites across the web, too.  If you are looking for a timesaver in the kitchen, be sure to check out – Recipes, Shopping Lists & Meal Plans!