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Finding the best apps for women’s health was harder than it seems. There are lots of women’s fitness apps and apps geared towards womens health, but sorting through them to find the gems took a long time. If you’re looking for apps that will help you get (or stay) healthy, take a look at the iPhone Mom list of health and fitness apps foor moms. Here it is, the list of the Best Health & Fitness Apps for Busy Moms! Our roundup of some of the best apps for moms on the go!

Nike+ Running

A great health app for moms who like running and setting personal bests, Nike+ Running can help busy moms get the most out of their workout!  With Nike+ Running, users can achieve their running goals, whether it’s their first race, their first marathon, or they are just looking to set a new personal record on any distance.  The Nike+ Running app will provide runners with training programs, coaching expertise, and even daily workouts.  Runners can track their progress whether they are on the treadmill, on their neighborhood streets, or even on the trail – the app accurately tracks distance, pace and time.  There are ways to start a friendly competition with Nike+ Challenge, and you can also share your run with others through pictures (taking them while on your route).  If you are a busy mom looking for a great way to de-stress, be sure to download the Nike+ Running app and lace up!


The goal of the Fitbit app is to help moms live a healthier, more active life, by tracking all-day activity, workouts and health data.  Busy moms can use the Fitbit app along with their Fitbit tracker (there are several models available in stores and online).  The Fitbit app will give users a complete picture of their daily stats, including: steps, distance, calories burned, sleep, weight, and more.  Busy moms can use the app to log their calories, and track their activity throughout the day to stay motivated.  Setting goals within the app is easy, simply enter your weight, start a food & exercise plan, and you’re on your way to healthier living!   I would definitely recommend this app to busy moms who are looking to improve their overall health, and it’s great on the go!

RunKeeper – GPS Running, Walk, Cycling, Workout and Weight Tracker

A personal favorite, the RunKeeper app has been my companion on many runs. I especially like using RunKeeper when I am on vacation and want to take pictures along a scenic route. With RunKeeper, you can track your pace, measure workout distance, chart weight loss, and keep training for personal bests!  The app will track more than just running, including: walking, bike rides, and other types of fitness activities using the GPS in your iPhone. I love that the app will give you audio updates while you workout, including your total mileage, pace, speed, etc. It’s a great motivator! And, it’s also fun to take photos along your route and then share them via social media when you’re done with the workout. There are lots of ways to set goals within the app and work towards living a healthier life. If you are looking for a great new running app or an app to track workouts, be sure to check out RunKeeper!

Run with Map My Run – GPS Running, Jog, Walk, Workout Tracking and Calorie Counter

Brought to you by MapMyFitness, the Run with Map My Run app is a great way to track your workouts and calories.  With Run with Map My Run, busy moms can use the app to easily track pace, distance, calories, and time with audio alerts and much more!  I love an app where I just press Start and it does the rest of the work.  This app will track much more than running, including cycling and over 600 types of other activities.  Moms will love being able to use GPS route mapping, as well as route navigation.  In addition to tracking workouts, the app will also help with nutrition, food, diet and weight tracking as well.  If you would like an easy way to track your workouts and calories, be sure to check out Run with Map My Run!

Lose It! – Weight Loss Program and Calorie Counter

Hey mom, are you looking for a way to lose weight and keep it off?  Be sure to check out the Lose It app!  This fitness app is designed to help motivate and keep you on track by using a comprehensive weight loss program.  The app will help busy moms set a daily calorie budget, track their food and exercise, and stay motivated throughout the day.  Moms can set goals and then the app will provide a customized weight loss plan that fits their life.  Of course, there is a little initial setup (completing a profile), and then you will need to log food and exercise.  I like how the app will help users with all sorts of goals, such as: weight loss, exercise, nutrition, blood pressure, sleep and more.  If you are looking to improve your overall health, be sure to check out Lose It!

5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training, free

A great app for moms out there wanting to try the Couch to 5K program!  With 5K Runner: 0 to 5K, moms who are wanting to start running can find the motivation and the time!  This app has been featured on CNN, Fox, USA Today, Apple’s New & Noteworthy and many other media sources, and has won several awards.  The program will build your fitness by alternating between running and walking, 3 times a week for 8 weeks, and after just 8 weeks you will be ready for your first 5K!  During the workouts, you can listen to your music as usual and the app’s audio coach will blend in and tell you when to walk, run, warm up, cool down and halfway point – a great motivator!  If you are looking to run your first 5K, be sure to check out 5K Runner: 0 to 5K!

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