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The beloved PBS character Little Pim comes to life in this Spanish language learning app for the iPad.

In case you haven’t met him, Pim is a plush panda bear that introduces young learners to 60 different Spanish words and phrases through interactive games.

The Little Pim Spanish app uses bright colors, animated graphics, games and this friendly bilingual ambassador to make learning fun. Instead of reading boring vocab lists, the app gets your child engaged in the learning process.

Words are divided into three categories: playtime, wake up smiling and eating and drinking. Each category has three different levels, one for nouns, one for verbs and one for short Spanish phrases.

Little Pim repeats each new word three times, then guides kids through a series of matching activities. These games are full of fun animations, and Little Pim is there to guide them through each step of the way.

Educational Approach

App developers at Tribal Nova put some serious thought into creating the Little Pim Spanish app.

Utilizing their trademarked “Entertainment Immersion Method” the app focuses on words and activities your little one will come across each day, from pushing a stroller to taking a drink of water.

The Little Pim iPad app also utilizes a wide variety of educational reinforcement (visual, audible and graphic) to appeal to all different kinds of learners. There’s a great level of repetition throughout the app. It’s just enough to drive lessons home without boring your budding Spanish pupil.

Parent Friendly

There’s a handy info section tucked stealthily in the app for us parents. This section provides user details and gives you lists of all the words your child will be learning, with (thank goodness) translations.

There are a few links, both in the info section and in the menu, which can lead out of the app. My biggest concern is the “more apps” button that can lead users to PBS Kids’ website.

Savvy parent tip: turn off the iPad’s data connection to avoid any conflicts. The app does not need the connection to function.

Bottom-line: Little Pim Spanish is an amazing beginner learning tool. It loses a point for links that lead out of app.

Introduce your early learner to Spanish with our favorite panda pal, Little Pim! Designed for native English speakers who are interested in Spanish, “Little Pim Spanish” helps young children develop basic vocabulary about eating and drinking, playing and sharing, and sleeping and waking. The app introduces a total of 60 Spanish words and phrases.

“Little Pim Spanish” includes three interactive games: (1) Eating and Drinking, (2) Playtime, and (3) Wake Up Smiling. In addition, each game includes three levels of play, covering basic nouns (level one), verbs (level two), and short phrases (level three).

The method in each game level is to first demonstrate the vocabulary word or phrase both visually and aurally, then to help the player acquire the vocabulary, and lastly to validate and reinforce the newly acquired knowledge. Animation and interactivity help provide context in this immersive language learning experience.

The “Little Pim Spanish” app was developed by Tribal Nova in partnership with PBS and Little Pim Corporation, producers of the LITTLE PIM foreign language immersion series. Winner of 22 industry awards, LITTLE PIM uses the Entertainment Immersion Method (TM), which introduces and reinforces simplewords and phrases for everyday activities. Find the series at littlepim.com.