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Join Little Zee on her quest to save Yellow Bright, a magical sunflower that all the bees are after. In this magical children’s game your little one will have to have awfully quick fingers to make it through all the dangers that lie ahead.

Little Zee is broken into ten different levels and each level has ten rounds, for a total of 100 stages. That’s a whole lotta game play, even for a little one. To play Little Zee your child must tap the flying bugs that try to steal Yellow Bright’s petals. Each bee requires a different number of taps: one tap to defeat tiny red Pollen, two taps for slow, green Larvae and three taps for gigantic, brown and yellow Nectar. Consider it a sneaky math lesson tucked into a game that’s challenging but fun.

The game is a bit light on the educational side, but the coordination and dexterity practice is undeniable. This game gets a little faster and a little harder as your child plays so it may look easy to start but don’t let the game fool you. Staggered difficulty makes the game suitable for kids of all ages once it’s unlocked, but older children might find the intro levels a bit too boring to hang around. Little Zee is also entirely kid friendly with zero ads and no outside links.

Bottom line

Little Zee is a fun game with an attractive price and a peppy soundtrack that’s slow to start.

In a magical kingdom TeddyLand, live a Happy TeddyBear name Little Zee. Little Zee has been deemed the chosen one. She must save YellowBright, the last living sunflower in TeddyLand.

YellowBright has 6 Magical Petals that needs your protection. If the bees touch YellowBright a Petal will be lost. If 6 petals are lost, YellowBright could be destroyed forever and Little Zee will loose her homeland.

The Dark Lords, Nectar and Pollen once arch enemies have join forces with the Queen, Larvae to capture YellowBright magical petals. They have unleashed a army of angry bees to attack and destroy YellowBright.

You must, should you take this challenge destroy the evil forces that have risen and help Little Zee save YellowBright.

Simple and easy (wink wink)till they really start buzzzzz’n fast

Simply TAP to kill…
Red Wasp “Pollen” Tap 1 time
Green/Yellow Bee “Larvae” Tap 2 Times
Fat BumbleBee “Nectar” Tap 3 times

Regular Price: .99cents