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Love, the app is an endearing story with an amazing layered concept that is intricate and unique. An app the whole family will love!

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Love, the app is an endearing and very intricate ebook that tells a beautiful story in a very unique way. With layered pages, small interactive illustrations, and lovely music, this app is unlike any digital storybook I have ever seen. The developers have done a wonderful job creating an elegant experience for readers young and old.

Features include:

  • Heart warming story
  • Intricate illustrations
  • Interactive pages
  • Hand-made feel


Love, the app is so much more than the heart warming story that it tells. It is clear the developers put a lot of time and effort into making the illustrations, interactive pieces, and music unique and perfect. I think parents will agree they did a very nice job creating a unique experience for readers to enjoy. Not only are the illustrations very intricate and detailed, but each page has a layer effect that makes it seem like a very real book. With flaps that open and layers that fall away, the quality of the pages is absolutely wonderful.

The music that accompanies the story is classical in nature and is a nice compliment to the elegant feel of the app. Parents will also notice the other sound effects that go along with each page such as rustling of paper and the sound of children playing in some of the scenes. While it doesn’t have some of the traditional features you might find in other storybook apps (such as narration and text highlighting), it does offer many other unique features that children will love.


This app is not rated for education.


Love, the app is beautifully crafted and provides children with a lovely story that is shared in a very unique way. Readers get to not only read through the story, but also interact with the various layered pages to open flaps and explore how to uncover the rest of the story as they go. This exploratory way of moving through the story and the subtle sound effects throughout are good for keeping children engaged and entertained.

While the story is endearing and the way it is told is very interesting, it seems that there could be a bit more that could be done with some of the images to help bring the story to life a bit more. This is an area that would definitely help younger children stay engaged in the app since much of the audio is musical in nature, little ones need a bit of extra visual action to keep them engaged.


With the amount of work that went into producing such an amazing and unique storybook app, the price is pretty great. For just under three dollars, you get a hand crafted app with layered pages, beautiful illustrations, and a set-up that is unlike anything I have seen in the App Store. While it doesn’t have the narration and text highlighting that comes in most other storybook apps, it is still a great deal.

Child Friendliness

Parents will be happy to know that Love, the app is safe and easy to use for children. There are no social media or in app purchase links to be concerned about so children are able to explore this app freely. The interactive illustrations are really easy to use and only require a bit of tapping/touching/swiping to move through the app. If a particular flap needs to be tapped, it will lift a bit and flutter which draws your attention to it in order to tap it and move forward. Overall the interface is really easy to use.

The story however limits the app a bit to children who can read on their own or young children who need the help of a parent since there is no narration in the app. Adding an auto play option with narration would help make this app more child friendly for young users.

Love, the app is an endearing story with an amazing layered concept that is intricate and unique. An app the whole family will love!

Editor rating
Rated 4.5 stars