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Together Lulu and Zazou, Lulu’s cat, brave the ocean waters to discover the country of Polynesia. Lulu in Polynesia is a lovely interactive book that takes the reader on an adventure to this part of the world. This book is the second in the Lulu and Zazou series by Zanzibook.

Never having been to Polynesia, Lulu and Zazou make you feel as though you have. Rich, beautiful artwork, real world sounds and tropical music will immerse the reader into the culture one imagines they would find when visiting.

The design of the app is intuitive and easy to use. It has a very nice menu, which is available on every page. The map allows the user to choose which part of the adventure they want to visit. Two languages are available for the narration of the app, English and French. An in-app help is also available from the menu.

Narration is easy to understand. I especially liked Zazou’s voice, maybe because it reminded me of a character in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of Make Believe. The story is mostly narrated, with only a small portion of text for each page; text is not highlighted as read and there is not an option for repeating the narration. Due to the app relying so heavily on narration it would be ideal if it could be repeated by touching somewhere on the screen. The same applies to the characters in the story. In some instances you are able to replay what the characters say, but others you cannot. Another reason repeating the narration would be nice is because this is a very interactive book; if an interactive object is touched before the narration is complete you will miss out on the rest of the story for that page.

Many activities allow the user to participate in the story; activities such as making a Tahitian salad, racing an outrigger pirogue (canoe), sending a post card, making a flower necklace and finding the hidden pearl are just a few. The user is encouraged to find the pink bird on every page.

Lulu in Polynesia does contain external links and social media buttons; however, the links and buttons are on the information menu.

My family preferred Lulu in Polynesia on the iPad, but being a universal app, it does work well on either screen.

Bottom line

Lulu in Polynesia is an adventure worth taking. It is a reasonably priced e-book with a lot of activities. A bonus, your children will have fun while learning about Polynesia.

All aboard for a thrilling trip to Polynesia! Your child learns all about the archipelago while playing, reading, singing, listening, and taking part in activities on every page.

Through a rich, diverse interactive content that is both fun and educational, readers discover the charm and unique dimensions of this country that so many people dream of visiting one day. Young readers crisscross Polynesia in a pirogue. Over the course of their travels, each reader will make tropical flower necklaces, take part in an outrigger pirogue race, prepare a Tahitian salad, catch coconut crabs, send a postcard to the person of his or her choosing, sing a Tahitian nursery rhyme, and even dance the tamure.

There are so many things to be discovered that young readers will want to peruse the book several times through to experience all the riches and secrets it holds.

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