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I have very fond memories of playing “store” when I was a kid. Running the cash register and adding up purchases was always the best part! Little did I know that by playing store I was also brushing up on my math skills by adding and subtracting prices and making change. Magic Store Math is the virtual version of playing store. Children can have hours of fun playing store on their device and practice math while they’re at it!
The magic begins as your child enters the virtual store and a customer enters. The customer communicates, through pictures, what items they would like to purchase. Your child will then find these items on the shelves and tap on them to move them to the bottom of the screen. The price for each item is displayed underneath its picture. Once the shopping is complete, your child must then figure out the total cost of the items and enter that amount into the cash register. This can be done in several ways. First, they can simply look at each amount and add it in their head. Or, if they need a little more help, they can break each amount down into tens, fives, and ones and count from there. Finally, they can regroup the amounts that have been broken down into larger amounts and skip count or add from there. Once the correct amount is entered into the register, the customer pays and a new customer enters and play continues.

As your child begins this game, the difficulty level is fairly simple. The customers can only request two items at a time and the total amount will not exceed $100 dollars. As they move through the game move up in the levels, the amount of items increases and so does the total amount spent. By the last levels, customers are purchasing up to 6 items at a time and total cost approaches $1000 dollars. Also, new items appear in the store so there are more options to choose from.

I really loved this app from the moment I started playing. I really like the idea of using a mock store to teach math skills such as addition and subtraction, however, it also incorporates skip counting skills as well. I also love how it gives the child a variety of options to come up with an amount so that they can be successful no matter what strategy they use. I have a third grader who absolutely loved playing this app and surprisingly, my kindergartener loved it too! I had to give him some assistance to be able to add the amounts up correctly, but he caught on pretty quickly and was doing pretty good on his own after just a few minutes.

With the start of a new school year just around the corner, there could not be a better time to pick up this app and incorporate it into your child’s life. They will love playing store and it is a great way for them to see how math skills are applied in real life situations, like at a grocery store! I’d highly recommend Magic Store Math to any family. Buy it today and watch the magic begin for yourselves!

Magic Store Math Review
Magic Store Math
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